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HELP! The EX took everything but my SONY TV and now it's screwing me too!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 29, 2005.

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  1. Guest


    I have a Sony KV36XBR200 WEGA (1999 model) that's been a great TV
    until a few weeks ago when the picture began flashing on and off every
    few seconds. There is no identifiable "blink code." When I turn on the
    TV, I've seen the LED flash anywhere from 11 to 18 times before the
    picture comes on. Until the set warms up, the picture blinks on and
    off continuously. But it gets better as it stays on longer...

    I called a repair shop and they came out to look at it. I spent $135
    for nothing. The dweeb was mucking around in service mode with the
    GCUT setting (turned it to 0) and the picture stopped flashing. So he
    concluded that must be the problem and "that'll be $135 please." Well,
    he also said that it must be a weak CRT and it would need to be
    replaced (estimate was $1400!). Anyway, I called them back when I
    discovered that it had nothing to do with GCUT at all. It was just
    that the TV warmed up to where it wanted to be and happened to stop
    flashing while he was looking at GCUT. So they're going to come back
    out to reset GCUT and give me some green back at least. But that's not
    going to solve the flashing problem!

    Could it really be a weak tube? If so, is there anything I can do to
    extend its life a little while (I'm still recovering from the expenses
    of the marriage going south). I read somewhere that turning the screen
    voltage up might solve the problem temporarily. If the tube is shot,
    then that may at least buy me some time. But, I am wondering if
    something else may be causing this that could save me a lot of money
    on a new TV.

    Any advice or helpful tips anyone can give would be appreciated. I
    have the back cover off of it, but have no idea how to adjust screen
    voltage if that is recommended (and I'm not about to pay the same guy
    to do it. I figure he should have done it when he was here last time-
    or at least known more than he apparantly does).

  2. Guest

    Yes, it could really be a weak picture tube causing the flashing. Do a
    google groups search for Sony, flashing picture, blinking picture, akb
    blanking, and similar for lots of postings on how the Sony AKB circuit

    Some internal adjustments on the main grid bias voltages might buy you
    some time. Best to only call a Sony authorized and trained servicer,
    or known experienced independent servicer, and only after getting other
    recommendations and referenced.
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    A weak tube on a 1999 set? I'm curious how many hours a day this thing was
  4. Guest

    6.5 hours per day 365 days a year is average in a US household.
    I remember seeing RCA sets with the warranty clock come in with an
    average of 14+ hours per day on time, some with more!!!! Most of those
    had been run at the default picture setting levels in the user menu,
    you know the torch setting.
  5. NSM

    NSM Guest

    I've got a little RCA 19" (labelled as Penney's) which I bought in '81 and
    which still runs OK. I've tweaked the guns a couple of times and the pots
    are a bit noisy now. I have a similar Radio Shack TV bought a few years
    later which also runs fine. Unfortunately the 28" RCA I bought about the
    same time was one with the crappy steel rivets instead of plated through
    holes and the tuner only works if I force it to one side with a stick!

  6. Guest

    And those 1981 tv sets were not designed to run the guns nearly as hot
    or with as high or output. Look how much brighter tv sets get today.
    Add the smaller gun assemblies, and the planned design life of ~20,000
    hours, ~7 years 'normal' use, and one can see why the newer tv sets
    tubes do not seem to last as long.

    People also did not watch nearly as much tv in the 1980s as they do
    today. Most people did not have cable. Most people received maybe 5
    stations at the most, nbc,cbs,abc,pbs, and an independent. Those would
    commonly go off the air at 11pm or midnight.
  7. Guest

    I appreciate the comments, but does anyone think it could adjust the
    screen voltage to get just a little more life outta the thing? At this
    point, seems it wouldn't hurt to try. Next question, how would one go
    about doing that without frying themselves? I don't have a service
    manual or training on Sony's (or any other TV for that matter). But I
    can spell CRT, so figure that I can make a minor adjustment if pointed
    in the right direction.

  8. kip

    kip Guest

    The board that is attached to the end of the CRT ..
    There you will see a little pot with a black shaft thats the adjustment .


    Beware it can bite ya
  9. $135 repair for nothing? what did you pay him for?
    best way to get a tv, a moving sale or yardsale. got 27 and 20 inch color
    tv`s both working great, $50 for both at a moving sale.
    why buy new or repair?

    > wrote in message
  10. Guest

    Thanks Kip.

    I believe I found what you're talking about. being electronically
    challenged I understand "pot" to be a potentiometer, and on the board
    at the end of the CRT, I found a little black box housing that had a
    little adjustment screw that I think fit the bill. It was the only
    thing it could be actually... I tried adjusting it (turning it both
    left and to the right) by very (very) small increments at a time. I
    kept doing this until I had reached the limits both ways (about half a
    turn on a phillips head). But I saw no change in the picture. Turning
    to the right, I may have noticed the picture bleeding some (text
    looked shadowy- but it may have been the way I was looking around the
    set from the back).

    I guess I have no choice but to write this one off and find another
    set... "The Big Screen Store" in Fredericksburg just sent me a flyer
    on their "Private Memorial Day Sale." Guess I'll pay them a visit
    today or tomorrow. They're offering no money down and no interest for
    2 years on any Mitsubishi Plasma or DLP HDTV or $1000 off the Sony XBR
    70" HDTV ;-)

    Should I just send this old one to the Dump? Or should I try
    contacting someone that may have a use for salvagable parts?

    Thanks again
  11. John Todd

    John Todd Guest

    Sounds like an electrolytic cap to me, one of the operating
    voltages is taking a long time to come up.
  12. Guest

    You have the wrong control, that is the H-stat control which adjust the
    left-right convergence landing of the red and blue guns. You will need
    to put up a stable text pattern on a dark background to readjust this
    back where it was if you did not mark it before moving it.

    The control is clearly marked screen or G2 that you need. It may be on
    the back of the flyback, or on the crt pcb (towards the front or rear).
    In any case the tech that came out should have known exactly what to
    do to troubleshoot the issue. Sound like you really had someone with
    little Sony experience.
  13. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Try to dispose of yours AND get a replacement.

  14. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest


    And a suggestion for the op if I may?

    From this point forward I'd recommend that anytime you
    try "tweaking" something that you're not familiar with
    you first mark the original starting point. Then if you've
    got the wrong thing; or happen to make it worse you can
    easily go back to where you started from.

    Take care.

  15. kip

    kip Guest

    Its Called ...Simple..
  16. Guest

    Hmm... I'll have another look today. But I haven't seen anything
    marked either way.

    Also, I DID note the position before I began making adjustments.

    Thanks again to all.
  17. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Hey I'd forgotten about that, I remember when I was a little kid a few times
    when the TV station was just a test pattern with a tone early in the
    morning. Don't even know when they stopped doing that.
  18. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Seems like a Sony I worked on had this pot on the other side of the neck
    board with just a small hole in the board to poke a tiny screwdriver
  19. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Why repair? How about to keep a useable set out of the landfill? Or to learn
  20. I don`t think ppayne1203 cares about the landfill, he`s out $135 for a bad
    repair on his TV,that`s why.
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