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HELP!! Static and Clipping with AV Receiver

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Todd, Apr 21, 2004.

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  1. Todd

    Todd Guest

    Hello all, I own a Aiwa AV-D58 receiver that I have been very happy
    with for a few years now. Never any problems until recently.

    At first I was getting "Over Level" warnings with a lot of clipping
    and loud intermitent static. I attributed it to the input volume and
    lowered all of the settings. Success until tonite. Now I have been
    getting the same symptoms although alot more frequently and any
    attempts to quiet them is futile. I finally unplugged everything and
    hooked the VCR up to AUX 1 with 1 mono line so my son could watch
    cartoons! That has done the trick for now....

    I have tried resetting, allowing the receiver to cool down (although
    no signs of overheating), eliminating all but one speaker at a time,
    input volumes, different volume configurations etc.

    Question...Any ideas what may be causing the problem and secondly I
    just ordered a service manual online, am I getting in over my head by
    hoping to fix anything myself???

    Thanks in advance - Todd
  2. You will have to send it out for service to a center that is able to
    service Aiwa receivers. There are most likely some components that are
    failing in the power supply, and or the audio output stage.

    Jerry G.
  3. Todd

    Todd Guest

    Thanks for your response Jerry. I don't mean to disregard your
    comments although is there any chance that I could replace the
    malfunctioning components my self? I am new to this although would
    like to try. :)

    Lets face it the receiver will probably cost more to fix than replace
    from a service center and hell I would enjoy learning how to do this
    stuff anyway!

    Is it totally out of the question?

    The receiver works fine until it has been on for 5 or more hours which
    leads me to believe that it is a heat related issue. Any more

    Thnaks again for your response - Todd
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