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HELP: Sony SLV-595HF VCR Video Lock problem!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Fabian La Maestra, May 17, 2004.

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  1. I recently bought a Mint Sony SLV-595HF VCR, which was working
    perfectly for about three months, and then I decided to start using
    T-160 tapes 9-hour tapes.

    Then it happened: The tape in the winding spool in the cassette
    somehow got warped in the tape spool causing it to not hold the entire
    tape length.

    While attempting to play this tape, the VCR appeared to have had to
    "pull" very hard to get the tape to continue to flow and then ejected
    the tape, due to the tape flow stopping altogether.

    When the tape ejected, there was tape all over the place after the
    cassette was removed. I managed to GENTLY pull the tape out and then
    pull upwards to disengage the tape form the pulleys and tape-guides in
    the VCR.

    So now I have my tape back, still surprisingly in good condition and a
    VCR that seems to now have a problem playing just about anything.

    Problem: Any played video seems to have a problem locking on the video
    unless I start using the manual-tracking to "stabilize" the video
    image, also introducing other tracking video fragments. This problem
    kind of resembles film being played at the wrong speed, showing the
    frames passing instead of a stable image.

    I was recently looking at the innards of the VCR, and everything seems
    to be tight and unbroken. I also tried cleaning the heads, pulleys,
    and checking the moving parts.

    Question: Is there a certain number of things I should try before
    deciding to turn this unit into a glorified REWINDER?

  2. sofie

    sofie Guest

    Fabian La Maestra:
    You asked what you could "try" to fix this very nice model of Sony
    The best advice you could receive is for you to take the VCR to a service
    shop where an experienced and knowledgeable technician can fix it
    correctly... or at the very least get a repair cost estimate so you can make
    an intelligent repair decision with facts instead of Internet guesses.
    Best Regards,
    Daniel Sofie
    Electronics Supply & Repair
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