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HELP - SONY CDP-XE800 failure

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Andrzej Stelmach, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. Hallo from Poland - sorry for errors in my english !!!
    I have a problem with SONY CD-player CDP-XE800. After some basic mechanism
    cleaning. The player stop working. Firstly the sound was very silent -
    MUTING was always ON. I tried to find what happend - after fer voltage
    measurements (I am sure I did not make any shorts and ESD discharges) the
    player stopped to respond on load/eject knob - it displays "OPEN", "PLAY"
    etc but the load and sled motors are not working and the laser does not lid.
    There is a chip controlling o/c motor - LB1641 and it has zener diode 4,7V
    connected to pin 4 - it sets the motor operating voltage - and there is 0,7V
    on that diode. I exchanged the diode and the LB1641 - no result (only the
    diode voltage is now 1,7V). The LB1641 is controlled by the main processor
    directly with 2 pins - combination of "0" and "1" on that pins sets the
    turning direction - and there is "1" on both pins (and on the processor
    terminals also) - that is "braeking" state for motor. Also the other
    processor ports driving sled motor and laser (focus etc) and MUTE are set
    HIGH. That leads me to conclusion - the main processor is failed. But the
    dac chip (CXD8505BQ) is hot and the audio processor is slightly hot - so I
    am not sure - maybe the failure is in another component or circuit - not in
    the processor itself. So I decided to write to your forum - maybe someone
    did already have similar problem and will be able to help me.
    I will be gratefull for any suggestions.
    Best Regards
    Andrzej Stelmach
  2. I would look first at the power supply. Maybe a bad microfuse or IC

    Mark Z.
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