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HELP: Replacing Lelon 10v 3300uF capacitor in computer motherboard

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Hi everybody. I'm an aspiring electrical engineer (going into first
    year university in the fall) and have a problem with an old motherboard
    (AOpen AK-73Pro(A)). Two capacitors (near the ZIFF slot on the
    motherboard) are leaking electrolyte, and the computer experienced
    completely random hard shutdowns. They are labelled in the diagram
    provided by the manufacturer as "Low ESR condensers".

    They are Lelon 10v 3300uF capacitors. I was wondering if there was a
    distributor in Canada that doesn't ask for a minimum order so I can get
    these 2 capacitors cheap. If anyone can get me a part number of the
    equivalent and a distributor I would be forever grateful :) There seems
    to be so many parts to choose from that I don't know what to pick.

    Also, I only have basic soldering experience. Is the process of
    removing the old capacitors and putting the new ones in overly
    difficult? If I approach it with extreme caution, should I have a
    problem? Any insight would be appreciated.

    I understand the cost of replacing the capacitors is near the cost of
    replacing the entire motherboard, but it is fitted with 1024mb of PC133
    SDRAM that I don't want to replace with DDR. (cash-strapped).

    Thank you in advance.
    Steve ( steve.parson at )
  2. Gordon W

    Gordon W Guest

    I assume the 2 caps are TC5 and TC6 and have a gold -ve stripe. Anyway look
    carefully at all the others of the same manufacturer. (7, 16, 19, 26, 27,
    29, 31, 39, 42) if they are not bulged or leaking now they will in the
    Just go to your local parts place and get what he has on the shelf. I
    replaced mine with cheap 105°C caps, TC5 & 6 with 3300uf 16V and the others
    with 1000uf 16v even though TC16 & 19 & 27 were 1200uf. It works fine.
    I don't know what your skill level is when you say basic. I use an iron at
    330°C and a solder sucker. Get on and off as soon as the solder is melted.
    New cap in. Mind the orientation. Apply solder to the pad and cap lead,
    apply iron to the solder so that solder runs to cover pad and lead and get
    off. 1 to 2 seconds if the cap leads are clean, if not clean them with an
    eraser first. Cut off leads and your done.

    No it's not. 11 caps = less than 6 $AU. Cheap fix.
    One other thing. Clean off any leakage from the caps.

    Another one other thing. Static electricity. Ground yourself before you
    start. But then you knew that didn't you :eek:)

  3. Spajky

    Spajky Guest

    get otherway dead other MoBo with good caps somewhere & first practice
    a bit soldering/desoldering on that. Try to find some that has on it
    min.same capacity, voltage & size cap for spare parts ...
  4. Guest

    Wow, ty for the quick replies everyone!
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