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Help, processor reset when power on large transformer.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Rock, Apr 2, 2005.

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  1. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    LOL, It's too late. You're already into the "I'm right and you're
    wrong" thing, so your testosterone has forced you to take that stance
    and now you have to defend it in order to keep yourself "ahead of the
    I agree, wholeheartedly!
    Rich will say whatever the spirit C2H5OH tells him to, much like
    Joseph Smith did, so maybe we'll soon be seeing a new sect, the

    But, to the meat of it...

    I find it amusing that you choose to talk about courtesy as if it's
    something which is de rigueur, and yet you feel no compunction about
    being discourteous yourself, which I find hypocritical. Case in
    point, you felt some overriding need to interfere in an exchange which
    had nothing to do with you and then, because of that, to cast
    aspersions on my technical capabilities for the sole purpose of
    castigating me for what you considered an affrontery, when my
    technical capabilities had nothing to do with the exchange.

    Insulting me in that way in order to vindicate your feelings of
    outrage and to make yourself feel better isn't called courtesy, it's
    called "smearing" and is, basically, a strategy of politicians and

    If you knew anything at all about me you'd know that I'm usually
    courteous and polite to those who are courteous and polite to me and
    to others, and that I have very little tolerance for those who aren't
    or who are bullshit artist troublemakers like Rocky, to whom my
    diatribe was addressed.

    As to/for my use of the language, I really don't need you telling me
    what is and what isn't proper for me to write because it doesn't meet
    your criterions (it really should have been 'criteria', but I thought
    you might have been more comfortable with the coventionally expanded
    singular) of what's fit for you and whom you consider to be your sheep
    to read and, as earlier, I suggest that if you find my rhetoric
    offensive, just go ahead and killfile me. Or, if you prefer, complain
    to Giganews and try to get me shut down.

    Or, better yet, just go **** yourself.
  2. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Nah- you're full of sh_t- more than a few of those people on your list
    of "professionals" have in fact used profanity on this NG at one time or
    another- they may veil it with an acronym, but it is the use of
    profanity nonetheless. And who the hell are you to set yourself up as an
    authority on professionalism anyway? The use of profanity is not the
    only form of malfeasance practiced in this cesspool- so here's the deal-
    I second JF's motion that you should GFY.
  3. Chakras are like "energy ports" - connections from your physical/mental/
    emotional/spiritual bodies to the Infinite and Eternal. Everybody has at
    least seven that I know of, and they kind of correspond to "energy
    levels", or "frequencies" (I know, this is a stretch, but I'm trying
    to teach flatlanders to rise up into the third dimension. Remember
    when Homer Simpson was so flabbergasted to find himself in model space?)

    Red: The Survival Chakra, corresponds to "the base of the spine," but
    if you've been there, it's clearly the anus.
    Orange: The Lust Chakra - your genitalia.
    Yellow: The Power Chakra - in the abdomen, some say at the solar plexus,
    others say at the pancreas or liver or gall bladder.
    Green: The Heart Chakra - the universal Balance Point, where the Electric
    Spirit and Magnetic Will achieve alignment, and create Love
    Blue: The Throat Chakra, related to communication
    Indigo: The "Third Eye" Chakra, typically associated with "The Pineal
    Body", in the middle of your head, associated with "second sight" and
    Violet: The Crown Chakra, at the crown of your head, where you receive
    The Divine Impulses that most people think of as creativity, or
    This is a very, very good "sign"! Feel into that hurt, and let the
    synergy of your electrically polarized intellect with your magnetically
    polarized will (the part that feels the hurt) teach you about yourself
    and Reality in general. Think of a resonant circuit - the electric
    charge sloshing back and forth is the intellect, and the surge and
    ebb and flow of the magnetic field is the feelings - and when they
    resonate, Love Happens. :)
    Oh, please don't think that. You probably do _feel_ like you're "beyond
    redemption", but that's an artifact of the Original Imprints. In fact,
    feeling the feeling of being "beyond redemption" is a very good sign -
    your lost, trapped, denied Will is feeling safe to express through your

    It kind of sounds like you think that all there is to you is your
    thoughts. This is a misconception. What you're aware of of your own
    beingness is like the tip of the iceberg, since we all have amnesia,
    and there are some who are like the victims in "Invasion of the Body

    What does it feel like to be sitting in your chair? Can you feel the
    pressure of your weight on the seat of the chair? Can you feel the texture
    of your shirt on your back?

    Are you aware of your own anus or genitalia?
    I don't know if that's a "language" in the traditional sense - it's more
    like an energy flow, that can be sensed. It's almost impossible to
    describe - it was like my whole emotional body slid into a pool of molten
    chocolate. It was wonderful.
    Well, it's kind of like, Say, for example, something makes you laugh.
    "I just came through a small town - in fact, the town was so small that
    when I plugged in my electric shaver, the trolley stopped!"

    Does this make a laugh bubble up inside you? That would be the
    way Mother comes through when I let her channel through me. Sometimes
    laughter, sometimes sadness, sometimes anger, sometimes fear - the
    "operative" word would be "the felt sense". "Speaking Dance" would
    be maybe something like, when you hear some music you like, and your
    toe wants to tap. That sort of thing.
    Stop thinking of it as a waffle. The truth is in you. Heck, it's in your
    DNA, it's in the very structure of your protons!

    Imagine: Before the beginning, all was One, and all was Love, and all
    was Perfect.

    And All was the ONLY One. Alone.

    After an eternity of playing hide-and-seek with itself, it finally
    figured out that it was all alone.

    The ONLY one, alone.

    So All made a decision, after contemplating for what might as well be
    eternity, that the only way for there to ever be a Companion to Share
    Infinite Love with was to split itself apart.

    Start with one magnetic line of force, with a current flowing through
    it - this current is induced by the magnetic like of force opening
    itself - like I say, it's a synergy.

    The force that causes the primordial line of force to expand is Desire.
    The movement of the line of force causes/induces that current flow,
    literally from Nothing, back to Nothing.

    This magnetic line of force is Conscious. It's Mother. And the
    electric current from nothing back to nothing is also conscious; it's

    But when we all decided (and yes - we were all there, so they tell me)
    that being alone was a bore, this conscious magnetic field and electric
    current blew themselves up. This was the big bang.

    Now, everybody knows that you can't cut a magnetic line of force. There
    can't possibly be such a thing as a magnetic monopole, because the nature
    of magnetism is complete circles. So when you break that one line of force,
    it of necessity forms two or more loops.

    But they (actually, all of us - I'm told we were there, but just don't
    remember) determined that All would have to split itself apart, to make
    a Companion.

    The splitting apart turned out to be exceedingly painful.

    The magnetic part got blasted out of Eternity into atoms - the big bang.

    And it turns out that exploding yourself into billions and billions of
    pieces hurts like a motherfucker.

    So, now, here we are, sitting in all of the ramifications of a Universe
    created by somebody who had no experience at all at universe creation,
    since it had never been done before, at all, anywhere, ever.

    And Consciousness, which we literally _are_ - it's kind of like, your
    brain (And mine and everybody else's) are God's Neurons. And our feeling-
    sense is Mother's Sensitivity.

    All of this physical matter, all of the atoms, planets, stars, mud, etc,
    found themselves in existence, blasted out of Infinite Bliss, and have
    been trying ever since to get back.

    So we evolved these beautiful bodies and magnificent minds, in an attempt
    to understand ourselves, and find our way back to the Infinite Godhood,
    but with individual identities, so there could be companionship among

    So we built this brain that's smart enough to contemplate its own
    existence, and we find we're up against even more imprints, like
    guilt and shame and all of the bad stuff. Mother, when she got blasted out
    into smithereens, lost consciousness (although she's still sentient),
    and so we have forgotten our Divine origins.

    Maybe specific questions would help here - I can blather on all day long,
    but really don't know if I'm imparting any useful information.

    Bottom line, everything you know is wrong. ;-)


    for further information, please visit
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