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HELP!!! Problem with Bill Bowden Game Show circuit

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    I really need your help. I embarked on assembling one of the circuits posted on the page, specifically the Game Show Who’s First Circuit. I purchased the parts and put it together to what I understand is correct. Here is what I’m seeing.

    With a setup of a total of 6 stations, but with only 2 connected for test.

    1.The relay clicks to trigger the buzzer.
    2.When a button is pushed, it turns on it’s corresponding light.

    Problem: When button is pushed a 2nd can also power it’s light. Essentially it isn’t locking out the other stations.

    I tried checking if maybe the button pushes were too close together it might light both, but with time in between pushes the test setup lights either way.

    Does it need the minimum 3 stations in order to work properly? I suspect that it shouldn’t matter how many stations are wired it should still lock them out. If you could please give me some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. I’m kind of stuck and not sure where to proceed.


  2. Guest

    The circuit should work but the component values are fairly critical. Are you using 25 Watt incandescents for the lamps???
  3. Guest

  4. rickman

    rickman Guest

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this circuit could put 120 VAC on the
    switch contacts if the SCR fails, no? I'm thinking this would be used
    by kids and the switch would be hand held. Both the switch and the wire
    to the switch could be dangerous if damaged.

    This circuit could be easily adapted by using a lower voltage which
    would be much safer.
  5. Guest

    No more dangerous than any other mains switch
    They don't say but it's 'probably' good for 4000VAC isolation.
  6. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    You need to adjust the voltage divider that is feeding the switches,
    lower the low side resistor so that it drops the level of voltage to
    the gates. It's obvious there isn't enough voltage ending up on the
    cathode side to over come the gate voltage to prevent trigger.

    Also, use incandescent lamps..

  7. Guest

    So, after carefully reviewing the schematic and my circuit, I found that the resistor that should link the SCRs was not wired correctly. I suppose long nights setting up this system and tending to a 9 month old scrambled my brain. Thanks to all!!!
  8. rickman

    rickman Guest

    The problem is not the switch itself, but it will be on the end of a
    long cord. If you saw your kids playing with a lamp cord plugged into
    the wall, would you tell them to stop? I seriously doubt this would
    pass anyone's safety certification.
  9. Guest

    If that's a concern then convert the circuit over to 12VAC and power it from a plug-in module ( with built-in GFCI).
  10. rickman

    rickman Guest

    Yes, I believe that is what I said. :)
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