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Help on our final year project- please reply quickly

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by babu, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. babu

    babu Guest

    Hi ,
    We are developing a project under our university course. We are
    novice in wireless communication.We developed a web site & we want to
    deploy the updates of that websites
    to our client.
    To deploy updates we provide hand held embedded device to
    clients. We assume that all our clients are within 1.5 km range.
    Currently we have an ebox2300. We think that we use this device to
    receive updates from website through GSM network (mobile phone
    network)& then updates will be deployed to hand held devices through
    WI-FI network. That is, ebox 2300 is connected to GSM network & local
    WI-FI network . We want to know whether doing all these is possible
    using ebox and if not what changes need to be made to ebox?

    Which IEEE standard for WI FI can we use to cover range of
    1.5km ?Is it possible to use IEEE802.11 b for this?
    What type of WI FI transceiver can be used for Hand Held
    end device here?
    Remember that cost is a great factor in this project.
    Please give necessary information & links.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Do your own homework.
  3. I wonder if that was quick enough ?



  4. Laughing. Not only do they abuse Usenet, they want immediate results!
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