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Help on Honda Car Radio repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by D Messing, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. D Messing

    D Messing Guest

    I have a car radio/cassette from a 1997 Honda Accord that has an
    intermintent problem. Model number is CM6704BA, P/N 39100-SV4-A000-M1.

    The radio dial always displays and shows chaning frequency for both AM/FM

    All speakers dead, most of the time. I have it on the bench and seem if I
    heat it up with the hair dryer it will begin to produce a sound on speakers
    like amp is working.

    When tapping or twisting stations will begin to come in and Stereo Light on
    FM will appear.

    When it works it works good. Bump or twist the main board stations will
    disapper and rush sound form speakers remains, or speakers become silent
    with dial still displaying frequency, but no stereo light..

    I have cleaned all sockets with DeOxit.

    If I remove the cassette deck to trouble shoot componets beneath the deck,
    the display shows tape. I do not know what to jump to simulate the cassette
    deck being installed.

    Does anyone have a Service Manual?

    I think it could be in the area of the crystal or the large intergrated
    circuit. But it has been hard to determine what part of the part the
    connection is bad or flaky component is located.

    I sure could use some help. I have doing electronic repair since the late
    50's and have plenty test gear, scopes and sig generators.


  2. Guest

    Use when searching for schematics.

    The symptoms point to a bad solder joint (but you already knew that).
    See if you can locate a point that is sensitive to tapping or
    pressure. The legs of power transistors or other components mounted
    on heat sinks are also suspect.

  3. I wonder what a sewer-mouthed thug
    like you is doing in a "repair" ng?
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