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help on dds programing AD9830

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    i have read ad9830 dds ic datasheet, but i have steel problem how i>
    should program it, for example i want to use pararel port for
    interfacing , and for example want 3.1MHZ on out put, how i should
    use D0 to D15 and A0,A1,A2? should i use both freq reg ( 0,1) and
    all 4 phase reg ? or one is enouth? according to datasheet 3.1mhz
    word is FDF3B64 , how ity calculated, if you could expain how to
    calculate interfacing word?
    any help would be most appreciated
  2. payam79bb,
    You appear not to read the replies. Nevertheless :

    Starting with an external clock of 1MHz and a frequency control
    word of 1, it takes 2^32 clocks for 2*pi phase.
    This means the output frequency is 1MHz/2^32 = 0.232mHz (milliHertz)
    For a frequency control word of 4295 you therefore get
    4295 * 1MHz / 2^32 =1.000008Hz

    and so on.

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