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Help needed to design/build trigger for Ambulance siren.

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Les Desser, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Les Desser

    Les Desser Guest

    I need a small switching device to trigger/stop an ambulance siren. Can
    anyone help? I am totally ignorant in this matter.

    The existing siren is a sealed unit and is triggered by the vehicle
    horn. The first tap on the horn starts it off with tone 1 which
    continues until the next tap moved it on to tone 2 and then again for
    tone 3 and round again.

    A double-tap on the horn switches it off.

    The next tap starts the cycle from tone 1.

    What we need is a momentary activation switch which will simulate the
    horn tap (presumably just need to close a contact for a fraction of a
    second) and then start a timer. After x seconds (preferably user
    changeable) where x is probably 3-5 seconds, it should simulate a double
    tap to shut off the siren automatically.

    I would need someone to not only design the device but to build it. It
    would need to be suitable to mount under the dashboard of the ambulance.

    We are in London, UK.
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