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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ray Birch, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Ray Birch

    Ray Birch Guest


    Anybody know what might be likely to be wrong with my DVD recorder with HDD.
    When it is switched on, the display comes on screen, but just says 'Loading'
    all the time. Is it likely to be a fault with the laser unit for the DVD or
    something to do with the Hard Drive?

    Any Help would be appreciated


  2. nvic

    nvic Guest

    Two questions about this problem. First, is the HDD spinning up when
    turned on (when plugged in on some DVD recorders)? Second, does it say
    "loading..." when turned on with no disc inserted? If the HDD isn't
    spinning up, that could be the problem as the unit may be waiting for a
    reply from the drive and not receiving it. If the problem is only when
    a disc is inserted, it may be the laser. Please reply. nvic
  3. ....unless "loading " refers to a disc. It could be a simple loading
    problem related to the disc drawer, like a bad belt, slipped gear, or
    bad sensor switch.
  4. Ray Birch

    Ray Birch Guest

    Thanks for your replies folks, I'll look into your suggestions
  5. Guest

    there are two jvc modifactions to be made to the digital prossessing pcb
  6. Spanky

    Spanky Guest

    What modifacations?

    Anyway, as for the original poster, it's supposed to do that, the firs
    time you turn it on. It will take quite a few munites to compleat it'
    setup routine. You've probably turned it of, just before it finished
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