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Help needed for programming of microcontrollers and associated chips..

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by adam, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. adam

    adam Guest

    Hi Group,
    We wish to thank you all for the immediate and informative response to
    our previous topic.
    We wish to know about programming the microcontroller and associated
    chips this time.
    These are the chips we have decided to use:
    DS1307: RTC
    4051B: 8:1 ANALOG MUX

    1. What are the different stages that go into programming from start to
    2. What are the various software requirements at each stage?
    3. We have searched and got some routines and codes from the internet.
    But these are for 8051 or for other derivatives. Is there some website
    from where basic codes like read/write/erase of EEPROM, Programming of
    RTC and Reading RTC, etc can be available.
    4.Lastly we are using RS232c cable for PC interface. We wish to display
    a few details like pin number and the real time clock n the PC in the
    simplest way. Please suggest ways to go about it. some have suggested
    Visual Basic. Are VB codes for such application availalbe on the

    We wait for positive response.
    Thanking you and with best regards,
    Adam Mashraqui.
    (on behalf of the group)
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