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HELP! My EX took everything but my TV and now it's screwing me too!!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 29, 2005.

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    I have a Sony KV36XBR200 WEGA (1999 model) that's been a great TV
    until a few weeks ago when the picture began flashing on and off every
    few seconds. There is no identifiable "blink code." When I turn on the
    TV, I've seen the LED flash anywhere from 11 to 18 times before the
    picture comes on. Until the set warms up, the picture blinks on and
    off continuously. But it gets better as it stays on longer...

    I called a repair shop and they came out to look at it. I spent $135
    for nothing. The dweeb was mucking around in service mode with the
    GCUT setting (turned it to 0) and the picture stopped flashing. So he
    concluded that must be the problem and "that'll be $135 please." Well,
    he also said that it must be a weak CRT and it would need to be
    replaced (estimate was $1400!). Anyway, I called them back when I
    discovered that it had nothing to do with GCUT at all. It was just
    that the TV warmed up to where it wanted to be and happened to stop
    flashing while he was looking at GCUT. So they're going to come back
    out to reset GCUT and give me some green back at least. But that's not
    going to solve the flashing problem!

    Could it really be a weak tube? If so, is there anything I can do to
    extend its life a little while (I'm still recovering from the expenses
    of the marriage going south). I read somewhere that turning the screen
    voltage up might solve the problem temporarily. If the tube is shot,
    then that may at least buy me some time. But, I am wondering if
    something else may be causing this that could save me a lot of money
    on a new TV.

    Any advice or helpful tips anyone can give would be appreciated. I
    have the back cover off of it, but have no idea how to adjust screen
    voltage if that is recommended (and I'm not about to pay the same guy
    to do it. I figure he should have done it when he was here last time-
    or at least known more than he apparantly does).

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    Yes, correct.... more than likely a "bad" tube.
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