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Help - Monitor making high pitched noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BW, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. BW

    BW Guest

    Hello there,

    I have Sony CPD E200 (2000 model) monitor. Since the last 2-3months it
    has started making a shreiking noise when it starts up. Its a high
    pitched noise, and while the noise is there there are very sligh
    horizontal deflections on the screen which make the whole screen look
    like having a hundreds of horizontal lines drawn on it. The noise
    usually stopped after a couple of minutes. It looks like the noise
    stopped when the component which seems to be resonating got hot enough.

    Please note this is not the high pitched sound that CRTs are known to
    make when we turn them ON. My monitor's noise is audible even in the
    adjacent room!

    I have the monitor at [email protected] resolution. I also noticed that if
    I change the resolution to 1280x1024 the noise stopped.

    But since the last week, the noise takes longer and longer to stop. And
    yesterday, it went on for about a couple of hours. I reduced the
    resolution and it stopped. But when I opened a browser window (blank
    white window covered the monitor), the noise came back.

    Can someone point me to what could be the possible reason for this
    behaviour? Is the monitor actually going to die or is it just some coil
    which starts resonating and may be easily fixed?

  2. nvic

    nvic Guest

    Could be maybe the monitor is not designed for the high res your using?
    If it is made for the high res, it sounds like something broke (or is
    breaking) and you should take it for repairs or just replace it.
  3. Guest

    The Sony CPD E200 (2000 model) monitor is known for capacitor failures,
    high esr. Get out your esr meter and start checking. As an alternate
    method when the unit just starts working ok after a cold turn on, take
    some freeze mist spray and start cooling down the electrolytic
    capacitors until the symptoms or squeeling and horizontal wavy lines

    The best method is to ESR check all the electrolytic capacitors,
    especially in the smps, HV, and deflection stages. I usually find
    about 1/2 dozen that are bad or nearly bad in that and similar Sony
  4. BW

    BW Guest

    I don't have (or own) an ESR meter. I checked the price and it seems to
    be well beyond what I can afford. If I just double the money, I can just
    buy a new 19" inch monitor instead!

    Using a freeze mist spray seems to be a way out. But then I haven't
    worked with an open CRT monitor ever...I will have to read up on how to
    do that while keeping safety in mind.

    Would it be possible to get a service manual for the CPD E200 online
    (..preferably for free)?

    Thanks for the help,
  5. Guest

    Download it here:
    May or may not be complete, but is free.
    You may also need to download some other software to decompress and
    view it. has quite a bit of information on safety.

    With a good flashlight, you might be able to visually see some
    electrolytic capacitors starting to bulge out ever so slightly out the
    top. That might be a place to start with the freeze spray.
  6. BW

    BW Guest

    Thanks for the links, they will go a long way in troubleshooting the
    monitor. And now that you brought up the capacitors, I do remember
    noticing one capacitor with a minor bulge.

    Thanks again,
  7. Salmo

    Salmo Guest

    I bought an ESR meter kit from an Aussie company (Dick something??
    electronics) and it worked like a charm (has digital readout too). The
    company is out of business now but I believe the guy that invented and
    designed the kit still makes them available.

    First time I used it I went through a container of electrolytics and it
    wasn't long before the bad ones were sorted. It can be used in-circuit too.
    I'll see if I can dig out the info and send it to you.

    Keeter P
  8. NSM

    NSM Guest

    No, sold out but still running.

    Also see
    You can get it from John's Jukes in Vancouver BC.

    ESR Meter kit page MARK II -- test Electrolytic Capacitors or batteries in
    circuit. Only $64.95 US Flyback/LOPT meter kit page (back in stock!)-- test
    Flyback Transformers in circuit. Only $39.95 US

    We ship worldwide!

  9. BW

    BW Guest

    I noticed a couple of capacitors have a bulge on the top. So, I'm
    planning on replacing them to see if it makes a difference. However, I
    don't really know where to go an buy capacitors or electrical components
    in general. Anyone knows a good place to buy them in Montreal
    (preferably near downtown)? Any advice would be of great help.

  10. kip

    kip Guest

  11. BW

    BW Guest seemed to be a bit out of the way, so I went to (another place is Active Electronics on Ferrier
    and Boul. De-carie) Got the capacitor and a couple of other things I
    needed. It took me more than hour of carefully dismantelling the
    monitor, whose chasis and other things are designed beautifully. Full
    point to Sony for that. The capacitor changing took about 2minutes and
    then we built the monitor back again.

    Now its working 99% OK with only a *little* high pitched sound. The
    sound stops after a minute or so. I think it probably another capacitor
    which hard to indentify visibly. But the monitor is behaving perfectly
    otherwise. There are not visual defects like earlier with the old capacitor.

    Thanks to all for all the help. I gained a lot of knowledge about the
    CPD E200 monitor by doing this. This was my first time tinkering with a
    monitor (had only played with TVs earlier). Now I will be able to play
    UT on my GeForce FX 5700LE again :)

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