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Help me NEWBIE

Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by sunnie, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. sunnie

    sunnie Guest

    have a Kit 149 Version B Pic Programmer
    does anyone have any idea what compiler would be successful with this

    T a in advance

    I will get there
  2. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson Guest

    What do you want to learn ?

    pic assembly language ?
    c ?
    jal - just another language (bit like pascal) ?

    Any pic compiler or assembler that produces the right
    programming files will work.

    Assuming your using windows as your appear to
    be using outlook express(from message headers).

    First get mplab from microchip has the assembler builtin.
    can also act as an ide for some compilers.

    Get or borrow a book or two
    look at some of the many web tutorials.

    I suggest one of the Myke Predko books.

    For a book on
    Programming and Customising Robot Controllers
    also by Myke Predko is quite good.

    Be sure to have a look at the piclist
    there also is a large mailing list beginners check list intro to 16f84

    Just read their faq and posting suggestions before you
    start. Read for a while (week or two) before posting questions.
    More likely to get help if you avoid pissing people off.

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