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Help! I want to build a box that will play random sounds!

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by as;ldfkj, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. as;ldfkj

    as;ldfkj Guest

    I was wondering if someone can help me out here.

    I want to build a circuit that will play ramdom sounds that I can put
    onto a chip from my pc.

    I want a simple push button control....something like one of those
    singing fish but for a different purpose.

    I would like to have say 10 or more sound clips that it could play
    randomly with the push of a button.
    Or if possible and not to complicated multiple buttons for different

    Can someone point me in the right direction, website,
    company that sells a kit?
    What kind of a chip is normally used to hold the sounds for something
    like would I program it?

    Looking for a way to do this and keep it small and not really
    I figure if that make greeting cards that play music and the singing
    fish is not that expensive then I should be abe to make something like
    this relatively small and cheap.

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. John Bokma

    John Bokma Guest

    USB stick with mp3 player?
  3. as;ldfkj

    as;ldfkj Guest

    No, this has to be standalone and cheap. I was thinking something that
    can be made for less then $15
    I don't want it to be re-programmable. One time setup and that is all.
    I have a few projects I want to put into my gameroom and have certain
    sounds play if a lever is pushed or a button is pressed.

    Is something like this possible in the price range I mention?
  4. John Bokma

    John Bokma Guest

    It is standalone.

    And I am sure that looking at e-bay will give you a price under the 15

    < recorder chip> gives:

    I am afraid that making yourself such a device will get you less quality
    for more or same amount of money.
  5. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Radio Shack used to sell a voice recorder chip. It was cheap and I think it
    will do what you want. They didn't make the chip, so you should still be
    able to find it (or something similar).

    As I recall, it had an analog input and an analog output, The storage was

  6. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    The WINBOND chips are probably what you are talking about. You can still
    get them at, in DIP.

    the ISD1110P gives you 10 seconds of recording time.

    Bob Monsen
  7. as;ldfkj

    as;ldfkj Guest

    The scary-terry link above is more what I am looking for.
    With one possible advancement ....multiple sounds on 1 chip that will
    play at random or in sequence with multiple button pushes.

    Your probably right but I would still like to try and make it myself.
    I don't need cd quality sound for what I am doing.

    Anyway, I will give it a shot.

    Thanks for the help.
  8. Im sorry for offtopic, but I can't post messages in this group. The
    message that this group not archives already and therefore can't
    create new theme. ?
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