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Help: I need to build a remote control device

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by DannyOwen, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. DannyOwen

    DannyOwen Guest

    I want to build a simple remote control device that would send a constant
    audio pulse, say 5 to 10 meters away.
    I want to be able to remotely control a super 8 movie camera.
  2. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Why audio? What interface to the camera? How simple?


  3. Hi Danny, I think that you have come to a good place to get some help,
    HOWEVER, I think that some more info would be helpful. Constant audio
    pulse? Is it "constant" or is it "pulsed" or maybe it's a pulse of
    infinite duration?
    Also what do you want the pulse to do? Turn on the camera?, Turn off
    the camera? or have the camera run while the "pulse" is present?
    What about driving people nuts while the pulse is on? Is it not
    possible to use I/R or maybe R/F?
    Perhaps if you re-post you may get lots more suggestions.

    Cheer's Ian.
  4. DannyOwen

    DannyOwen Guest

    Hi Danny, I think that you have come to a good place to get some help,
    Thanks Ian

    Ok... this is what I know.

    I have a Super8 movie camera which has a small hole on the side, which
    aparantly accepts a remote control lead to start the camera, just like as if
    you pressed the trigger on the camera itself. Most super 8 cameras have
    these plugs, and most manufacturers (canon, sankyo, chinon, etc) also used
    to sell an accessory with the camera. The accessories are usually filters,
    flash units, light units, etc... but one company also used to sell a remote
    control device, which in effect mimicked the same cable-type remote control
    (ie: a little on/off switch, with a very long cable (> 3 meters) that had a
    small mono-like audio plug (the smallest) and one was able to plug that into
    the camera and basically start it or stop it. That's all it could do.

    What I am after is a remote control device to do the same thing, but WITHOUT
    the cable!

    The way it would have to work is for a CONSTANT signal (now this is the
    clincher because I don't know what frequency or strength it would have to
    be) to be sent to the camera via remote.

    Perhaps it's not a soung signal at all, but an actual electrical connection!
    Yes that's it.

    What I need is something that I can remotely send a signal to a battery box
    of some sort which would be connected to the camera. All I would do is turn
    a switch on, which would send a "signal" to the battery box effectively
    turning IT on and of course that would power the camera.

    Of course, for this to work, the camera would have to be turned on, and have
    the trigger switch LOCKED ON, so all I would need is the power to be turned
    on and away she starts filming!

    Why do I need it to be remote controlled?

    Because I want it to film me surfing some waves from a distance - so oh
    yeah... a water - proof unit would also be ideal.

    Up to the challenge, anyone?
  5. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

    I have a Sony Video 8 camera about 10 years old now and it can start/stop
    playing or recording via an infrared signal from my remote control, plus it
    has the usual FF/RW Play/Pause Zoon In/Out. The distance is quite long, it
    can work from one side of my house to the other. That remote came with the
    camera. Only thing it won't do is power the camera on/off.

    Do you want to be able to power the camera on/off
    Start and Stop recording/playing
  6. swanny

    swanny Guest

    The OP was talking about a super 8 (film) movie camera, not a video
    camera. One suggestion is to use an RF type remote control (like a
    garage door opener or car lock/alarm) with a set of relay contacts at
    the camera end and a waterproof key-fob at the surfing end.
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