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HELP! How do I get rid of this oder on my boat!

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Bryan's Wildblue News, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. I know that this is the electronics group, but its one of the largest
    replied to newsgroups, So I'm asking your help.

    Ok, Here it is! Has anyone seen the episode of Jerry Seinfeld where the
    parking valet gets in Jerry's car and leaves a body oder in the car so bad
    that Jerry can't find anyway to get rid of the smell? He finally has to get
    rid of the car! I don't want to do this with my boat. I recently bought a 92
    Chris Craft 302 Crowne. The boat had been laid up for 2 years without any
    use. The boat was stored in the water and was winterized properly by a
    reputable marina. The problem is a lingering arm pit oder. I've tried "Damp
    Rid, Fabreze, Air wicks, Bilge Pro Cleaner, Clorox Bleach with Lemeon scent,
    Lemon Scented Lysol, RV Oder Absorber" The oder has diminished alot, but I
    still get wiffs of the smell. Sometimes extremely strong.

    Heres what I've tried:

    1: All the upohlstery has been cleaned and sprayed with fabreze
    2: Carpets have been shampoo'd
    3:Bedding has been washed
    4: matresses have been cleaned and sprayed with fabreze
    5: Forward Bilge has been cleaned with Bilge Pro and Clorox Bleach with
    Lemon (you can eat out of the bilge its so clean)
    6: Shower has been cleaned with Lemon Lysol
    7: Air conditioner drain pan has been cleaned with Clorox
    8: Air conditioning intakes, vents, and ducts have been sprayed with Lysol
    9:Head has been treated with head treatment and with clorox
    10:All surfaces have been wiped down with lysol
    11:Drains have had clorox run through them

    I have put the air fresheners in the boat, oder eliminators, and even damp
    rid. Nothing seems to work. If I run the air the smell is less but if the
    interior gets hot holy cow!

    Any suggesstions?
  2. Len Krauss

    Len Krauss Guest

    Suggest you post on -- I've seen some related discussions
    there, over the years.
  3. GregS

    GregS Guest


    Wash all fabrics again.
    Also wipe down wood and other porous materials, but don't use
    too strong of a solution, since it can change the color of unpainted

    Use a heavy duty Ozone machine after this for a couple days.

    After this, use a good sized carbon air filter, on a permanant basis.

    Its probably best to determine exactly what stinks the most, in order
    to concentrate your efforts.

  4. Ed

    Ed Guest

    have you scrubbed the bilge? Oil smells like human waste when it
    decomposes. If not, go buy a few dozen bilge diapers and some strong
    bilge soap.

    Also, did you pull up the carpet at the entrance and the lowest points
    in the boat? You may have mold UNDER the carpet... only cure is to
    remove it, kill the mold and start over with new pad and carpet.

    Last item.... head hoses. has a lady named peggy who has
    dozens of posts on the subject. The black rubber ones will allow the
    stench to permeate them...

    Have you thought of running with the windows open??? :)
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