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Help from 110 to 240v

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by etaoin, Aug 2, 2003.

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  1. etaoin

    etaoin Guest

    Starting with two 110v spotlights...will this work
    in Europe on a 240v system? (My knowledge is not even
    basic, so be kind.)

    If the plug is removed from each light and each (+) is spliced
    to each (-) and these ends are assembled to a European 2-prong
    plug, will both of the 500w lights turn on safely? (Can't use a
    single 1000w light because illumination on an object to be
    photographed must come from two separated sources.)

  2. PaoloS

    PaoloS Guest

    You said + and -. Are you sure the light are AC powered? If so, in
    theory you can do this, but I'm not so sure....
    If not they can't work with AC power...
  3. I am guessing a bit, but I would say splicing one + to one -, then
    attaching the other + and - to their respective blades on the plug is
    the correct solution. That puts them in series, so the voltage is
    divided in half. You really have to be sure about your insulation


  4. Mike Ring

    Mike Ring Guest

    I think you're right, if I read the OP right, Armand is proposing to wire
    them in parallel, which will blow both very fast.

    mike r
  5. John G

    John G Guest

    My reading of the OP is that he will put the lamps in Parralel as you say.
    This will:-
    a, destroy the lamps and
    b, probably contravene various safety standards.

    The proper and SAFE thing to do is get 2 500watt 220 volt lamps in
    commercial housings and plug them into a power distribution board.

    In some countries removing plugs is frowned upon and by one who does not
    understand series and parralel is decidely dangerous.
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