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Help finding a cap from Mouser

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Rob, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I am trying to find some 16V 4.7uf caps to use with a CD4060 timing circuit.

    I have looked at Mousers OL catalog and cant seem to find any (I am sure I
    am looking in the wrong section as I cant believe that they are so hard to
    find). Can someone please point me to some links at Mouser for these caps.

  2. Greg Neill

    Greg Neill Guest

    Try here:
  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Rob. The rest of the question is one reason why you're having

    * Relevant frequency / ESR requirements

    * Thru-hole or SMT?

    * Axial or radial?

    * Aluminum electrolytic or other?

    * Tolerance?

    * Temperature?

    * Maximum cost?

    If you're just looking for an inexpensive 85C Radial aluminum
    electrolytic that's +/-20% tolerance, go to the website and punch in:


    which are $0.06 in single quantity. There's 25,562 in stock, ready and
    waiting for your CD4060's tender ministrations. (Hi, Rich ;-)

    If this is for a timing circuit requiring stability, you're not going
    to be too happy with these. They will have quite a bit of leakage
    current, and will drift with temperature, and over time. But 5% or
    better tolerance caps get pretty expensive at this size. It might be
    time to look at that


    again, and try to bring Cx down to a smaller value. If you can get it
    down by an order of magnitude or so, you'll have a number of choices.

    While you're at the website, be sure to sign up for a free catalog.
    Sometimes, the "dead tree" method has its advantages, not the least of
    which that you don't have to depend on the kindnesses of strangers.

    Good luck
  4. Guest

    At , you can try searching for the following part
    numbers and then download the datasheets to see if you like the specs.
    (Note: Any prices I give might be slightly out of date, but are for qty

    Some of the through-hole 4.7uF Film Capacitors at


    5989-100V4.7-F (10% tolerance, $2.14)
    146-250V4.7K (10% tolerance, $2.06)
    1430-1475 (10% tolerance, $1.83)

    Mixed Film:

    505-MKM44.7/250/5 (5% tolerance, "almost linear C/T", $5.26)
    581-FFB56L0475K (10% tolerance, $11.43)


    1429-2475 (DF 0.1% max, 10% tolerance, $3.49)

    (If 5 uF would do, there are more choices.)


    75-632P475X5050 (5%, but a tad expensive at $143.50)

    Good luck.

    You could also just do a search for "4.7uF" (without the quotes).

    Tom Gootee
  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Thanks all :)
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