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HELP desperately needed (Philips 8807 service menu)

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Patriarch, Jul 6, 2003.

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  1. Patriarch

    Patriarch Guest

    Hi... I was messing with the service menu becuase my geometry was
    off... then at one point all my chanels were gone.. oh well, I could
    live with that, I would just have to install them again.. BUT... that
    wasent all... The TV can no longer to split text TV and screen, and
    when clicking the "view mode" botton I can only select 4:3 and squezed
    (use to be able to choose automatic, 16:9, 16:9 sub., Widescreen,
    Super Zoom ETC.) Also now I cant select rthe TV's Digital Natural
    Motion anymore... only Digital scan on and off is an option (as
    opposed to 100hz, DNM, DS, double lines)

    I REALLY need help.. I have no clue what I have pressed.. so I hope
    one of you has an idea, so I no longer have a 500$ TV but rather a
    1200$ TV...!! please help

    it seems like a new OS has been installed really... features I once
    had arent accesible from the menu... hmm... please help me!
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