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Help! College Project

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by francis worsop, Nov 24, 2015.

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  1. francis worsop

    francis worsop

    Nov 24, 2015

    My name is Francis Arthur-Worsop and I am currently studying an Extended Diploma in Engineering at Chichester College. For my final project in my unit I am planning to make a coin storage device for the visually impaired. I am only in the early stages of developing my design but I am beginning to draft rough ideas for this project on Solidworks. The concept for my project is to have button designated to each specific currency in braille, so that when the button is pressed it will rotate the top part of the design to make the specific coin accessible to the user. i understand that this idea might be fairly complex for my ability, which is why i am writing to you to see if there is any chance that you could help me develop a PCB to rotate a towardpro MG996R servos or any sort similar mechanism so that i can succeed in building this project.

    Cheers, Frank :)

    upload_2015-11-24_16-27-51.png upload_2015-11-24_16-28-4.png upload_2015-11-24_16-28-11.png
  2. hevans1944

    hevans1944 Hop - AC8NS

    Jun 21, 2012
    Welcome to Electronics Point, Frank!

    Why not just engrave the Braille representation of each coin denomination vertically on the side of the bottom cylinder, and allow the user to manually align the semi-circular slot in the top disk by simply rotating the top disk by hand? No motor required.

    If you dimple the bottom of the top disk at every coin position, you could install a ball-bearing over a compression spring in a blind hole in the top of the bottom cylinder that would align with a dimple at each coin position, providing a positive haptic feedback. The end user then could read the Braille at whatever the current location of the slot happens to be, and then rotate the disk clockwise or counter-clockwise to another coin position by simply counting detent clicks.

    I think you have a solution (servo motor) looking for a problem.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2015
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