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Help - camcorder with mind of its own ??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Samantha, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Samantha

    Samantha Guest

    Camcorder: Sony CCD TRV67

    Hello. I'm looking for any advice about getting this camcorder repaired. Any
    experience with this type of trouble? Idea of a cost? How do I find a
    reputable service shop? Are free estimates common? Would it be worth it
    compared to a new one? That sort of thing.

    This camcorder is more than a few years old and seems to work fine except it
    has a mind of its own. It likes to turn itself on whenever it wants. I'll
    have it set to off (or charge) and after a while, it will switch back to
    camera mode (which is ON). The mechanical lever itself didn't move, mind
    you, but the circuitry obviously switched over. Anyway, sometimes it will do
    this other times it will behave and stay off.

    And, BTW, it has to stay off in order to charge. So this makes charging
    impossible. It charges a bit and then turns itself on and drains its power
    and then repeats. I know it's doing this because a bell goes off every time
    a mode is changed on this model. Sitting on the charger, it changes modes so
    much, it almost plays "Tubular Bells", it dings so much. Come to think of
    it, that tune is fitting, being it seems to be possessed.

    Also, when I manually place it on standby (or Camera mode) and I'm waiting
    to hit the record button, it might switch to a pause mode. Or when I have
    the record button hit, it might switch to standby or pause... all on its

    I imagine switches or circuitry is dirty... or there's a ghost in my
    machine. Any thoughts? Technician or exorcist?

    I sincerely thank you for your time.

  2. b

    b Guest

    I take it the machine hasn't been exposed to damp or humidity? has it
    received a knock at all?
  3. Samantha

    Samantha Guest

    No knocks or drops. It's been well stored and handled. Never left in the car
    and that sort of thing. It actually hasn't been used much at all. Exposure
    to humidity would be only the normal humidity of the the Southeast.

    However, I did take one trip to Maine with it where I ventured on a whale
    watching trip. I kept it protected from direct contact with splashes and
    such, but there's was no way to completely isolate it from mist. I'm not
    sure if that may have caused a problem, but it can't be ruled out.

    What are you thinking?

  4. b

    b Guest

    I was thinking some moisture may have got into it and led to corroded
    contacts somewhere..... Could also be hairline cracks on a pcb. As I 'm
    not familiar with this machine I wouldn't want to speculate further.
    Take it to a shop /tech for a proper estimate. For all we know it could
    be something just needs resoldering. One thing's for certain: without a
    proper inspection, all this is just hot air!

    As regards charging switching problem: have you tried connecting
    the battery directly to the charger? is that possible with this model?

  5. Samantha

    Samantha Guest

    I'll have it looked at. Any advice on finding a trustworthy shop? I'm in the
    Memphis area.

    Thanks for all your help.

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