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HELP! Anyone have an old "Fun Chicken" vending machine or schematics?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I'm trying to help a friend repair an old 80's "Fun Chicken" vending
    machine. If you are curious what this looks like, check out the
    following pic:

    Well I'm not sure what happend to this poor machine, but a bunch of the
    components on the main circuit board are toast. I need to identify four
    of these. Here is a pic of the board with the component locations:

    Any chance someone out there has one of these machines and could verify
    these? A copy of the schematic would be even better!

    I've been looking everywhere and so far no luck. Thanks a ton to anyone
    who can help!

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Hey I remember those! I haven't seen one of them in years though. What
    exactly is the board supposed to do? It might be possible to make an
    educated guess as to what the parts are, at least there aren't any
    custom programmed microcontrollers or anything like that.

    The part on the bottom-right looks like it might be a 3 terminal voltage
    regulator, looking at how it connects to the rectifier diodes and main
    filter cap will confirm or deny that. The one on the upper-left looks
    like a power transistor, does the board drive a solenoid or motor?
  3. Mr. Land

    Mr. Land Guest

    I'll bet the board is supposed to generate a very unrealistic,
    electronic-sounding chicken clucking noise as the chicken in the
    cabinet spins.

    How would I know this? Because a chicken restaurant we frequent has
    one, and it's still in use! Kids put in a quarter and get a toy in a
    plastic egg. Worst rendition of a chicken I've ever heard - sounds
    like someone's first day playing with their new synthesizer.
  4. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Randy...

    Man, brings back memories... :)

    Used to have a little fried chicken store here (Winnipeg, Canada)
    that had one of those! Restaurant had the name of my very very young
    kid, so she sorta thought it was hers... we hadda go there.

    Everytime we did, she *had* to put a quarter in the machine, I had to
    turn the handle (she was to small). The chicken would shriek real real
    loud and scary, and she'd be gone to the opposite wall! :)

    Anyway, here's one.. sadly the auction closed, but maybe if you
    get in touch with the winning bidder he might be willing to
    help you out a bit? In case the page disappears, the winning
    bidder is whatyalookinat.

    Take care.

  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    That board looks way too simple to be the sound generator, I would
    expect there to be another board for that, it's been probably 2 decades
    since I've used one of those machines but I do remember them from when I
    was a little kid.
  6. Guest

    The board is labeled "Hen Assembly" "Movie Hut Inc". I don't have the
    actual machine here, just the board. I'll have to go over to his shop
    and see if I can figure out what it does.

  7. Guest

    Hi Ken,
    Its funny you mention that ebay auction, cause I actually emailed the
    seller while the auction was going on and asked if he could check the
    components for me. He unfortunately said that he couldn't see any
    numbers on most of them, and I think the ones he did send me might be
    wrong, since I couldn't cross reference them anywhere. Thanks for the
    help though!
  8. Guest

    Right now I only have the board, not the whole machine. I'll have to go
    over to his shop over the weekend and see if I can figure out what it
    does. Thanks guys for all your help!

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