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Help a student, [Req] PicBasicPro Complier

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ray, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. Ray

    Ray Guest

    Greetings everyone....
    I am a electronic's tech year 1 student, I need this PicBasicPro complier,
    I was wondering if anyone could share it with me.
    I mean the retail price is $2xx something US, I am just a student, i
    couldn't afford that.........

    so if anyone is kind enough, please send me an email to

    thanks you very much

  2. dude

    dude Guest

    OK, that is cool if you HAVE to have the picbasic pro compiler but...

    Why not just use a free pic compiler?

    Unless there is something specific that picbasic pro does i don't see why
    you would need to resort to possible theft when there is a free alternative
    out there.

    Another thing, does picbasic offer cheaper or even free student versions of
    their software? Ask your professor...
  3. Ray

    Ray Guest

    oh thanks, I didn't know there are other complier out there. my Prof just
    give us the melabs wesite and ask us to buy it there.
    what a jerky prof.
  4. CBarn24050

    CBarn24050 Guest

    Hmm, basic and pro, isn't that an oxymoron?
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