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HELP 2xMPF102 for MFE201??

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Tango2, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Tango2

    Tango2 Guest

    I have an antenna signal amplifier circuit using MFE201 which is hard to
    6v goes to gate 2 via 100K/220K voltage divider to ground from a 9v
    battery. Gate 1 is signal via 0.01uF and is also tied to grounded
    SOURCE via 1M resistor. Drain is output through 0.01uF cap with 10K
    pot. adjustment to ground via either 0.01uf or the tap on pot. and 100
    ohms and a 10uF cap. to ground.

    Thinking I might(?) use 2 MPF102's by connecting sources together and
    drains together.
    Am I way off?
    MFE201 --------------MPF102
    GSS=30v--------------Vgs=-25v ??
    Id=50mA--------------Ig(fwd)=10mA ??

    Schematically it looks OK but am unsure of reading FET specs.

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