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Heathkit Osciloscope Model 10-17 Probes

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mike Kennedy, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy Guest

    I was wondering if this old Oscilloscope is worth messing with. I have it
    and it seems to work, but I havn't learned how to use it yet and dont have
    any probes for it. It looks like it has settings from 2khz to 200khz. It
    doesn't have any bnc connectors on the front for the probes, it just has
    plastic nuts on alunimum bolts to hold wires. The inupts are labeled vert
    input 1vpp and horz input.

    Any suggestions on probes would be welcome and any tutorials on learing how
    to put this thing to use..

    - Mike
  2. Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy Guest

    Correction it is an IO-17
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's perfectly useable for audio work or playing around, and it's a vacuum
    tube scope right? Good for tesla coils and other HV experiments since it'll
    take a lot more abuse in the way of HV spikes and such than a solid state
    scope. It's not really useful for modern electronics troubleshooting though.
  4. Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy Guest

    Its a tube scope.
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