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Headset for Motorola V3XX Razor phone

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    I have an old Razor that has no headphone (headset) jack. The only jack is the small sort of triangular one that the charger plugs into. The ATT people want to sell me a Bluetooth not getting the idea the the reason I want a headset in the first place is to get the damn RF away from my head. They really don't know or care much about helping a guy with an 8 year old phone, I get that. So I'm hoping that the group can help. Does this charger port also serve as an audio port as well? Is there a headset available that wouldwork with my phone? I don't relish the thought of continually microwaving my brain every time I have to use this damn thing. Thanks, Lenny
  2. RobertMacy

    RobertMacy Guest

    First, 'radiation' from a cell-phone is high frequency, on the order of
    900MHz at 1W peak transmitting power trying to 'wake' up a tower.
    Second, 'radiation' from bluetooth is higher frequency, on the order of
    2.45GHz [exactly like your microwave oven] at what? 100mW?

    Next, your body is a giant saltwater bag and is conductive to these
    frequencies, it's like having a metal shield around your body. The ability
    for high frequencies to penetrate your body is extremely small. The
    telephone frequency is less than 1% within half inch, depending on just
    how conductive you are, could be as low as 0.1% For Bluetooth it's down
    to less than 1% at 1/3 inch.

    So, starting out with lower power, means you get to lower power sooner,
    thus Bluetooth would be preferential for lowering your exposure.

    And worse, there is some evidence that hardwire headsets intended to
    reduce exposure by moving the phone away from the head can actually
    increase exposure by creating an 'extra' gnd [transmission line] a
    standing wave along the wires if you will that actually inserts the power
    right into your ear. Doesn't seem prudent to me.

    All in all, if you're concerned with exposure to RF getting into your
    body, I'd lean toward the Bluetooth wireless headset and keep the phone on
    the dahsboard, or on top the desk.
  3. It's uses a special obsolete headset, I'd guess ebay would be the only
    source these days. Yes, it plugs into that mini usb port.

    Just use a fucking bluetooth headset, your post has more cancer in it than
    any BT device.

  4. Guest

    I know what the frequencies are for both cellular and Bluetooth. When I said "microwave" I was generalizing. I just don't like the idea of RF at any frequency so close to my head. I thought that we might be able to take advantage of the inverse square law but it seems not. It's rather disturbing what you said about the headsets acting as antennas. I guess the only solutionis to leave the damn thing at home, in a lead box.

    I know that I probably sound like a crackpot but they didn't think there was anything wrong with giving pregnant women Thalidomide either, until they found out years later that there was. Opps, sorry about that...Lenny
  5. I had the same problem.
    The Motorola-proprietary wired headphone was too expensive.
    So, I ended up with a tiny bluetooth earbud instead.

    I never came up with a better solution than that.
    That RAZR V3 also used proprietary USB cabling such that it
    would charge from a PC but not from any wall or car USB charger.

    It would only charge from a Motorola car charger.

    Eventually, I switched to a smart phone, which took a "normal"
    USB cable and which had a normal headphone jack.
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