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Headphones: wireless vs. cord

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Lenny, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    My son in college is interested in buying a pair of headphones. He
    wants to go wireless becuase he says that he is so cramped for space
    and cant have wires all over. Against my advice, he purchased a
    wireless keyboard and mouse combo last year and says it works great.
    From what I hear, the headphones go through batteries like wild fire.
    Also, many have automatic tuning, noise reduction etc. He wants to
    buy a quality product for around $100-$130. Any suggestions on
    wireless, or corded would be much appreciated.

  2. The price he wants to pay is by far not near a so called high end or
    high quality wireless headphones. It is probably the starting point of
    something that is probably okay.

    As for batteries, if the model does not use chargable batteries, he
    will be going through them, if he the unit a lot. I don't know your
    budget, but I consider batteries not very expensive, when considering
    my cost of living these days.

    I can see his point of having wireless headphones. There are no wires
    to get tangled up, and there is the freedom of movement while doing
    things around the living area. There is no chance of someone tripping
    over the wire and causing damage to the headphones, or the unit where
    they are pluged in to.

    As for wireless devices, they are subject to interferance, and can
    possibly cause interferance to other devices, as any RF device. These
    headsets are not as good in the quality of sound as the wired ones can
    be, unless it is a very high end model, which would be costly. In any
    wireless device, you end up paying a good partion of the cost for the
    wireless technology. With wired headphones, the largest part of the
    cost in in to the quality of the headphones themselves.

    This is a question of what is desired, and the acceptable performance
    for the amount invested.

    Jerry G.
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