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Headphone Jack Repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jj, Oct 28, 2003.

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  1. jj

    jj Guest

    Hey there,

    this is kind of an ameteurish question, and jack may disapprove, but i do
    need the help nontheless...thanks so much for understanding:

    i am trying to repair a pair of stereo headphones by replacing the plug

    the headphone wire contains 4 seperate wires : 2 copper wires (one from each
    ear) and a seperate red or blue wire (each colour from a seperate ear)

    i connected the copper wires together to the common sleeve while the red
    wire went to the right (ring) channel and the blue wire went to the left
    (tip) channel

    it still, however, does not work.....anyone got ANY suggestions??

    thanks so much...also do i need to use a specific type of solder?

  2. Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    The wires in headphone cables are often enamelled. Getting a good
    contact to them can be a pain. You could try scraping the wires with a
    craft knife before soldering to the plug.
  3. fidik

    fidik Guest

    Measure the resistance, it should be >0 but not 0. Resistance value
    ground ring and ground tip should be half of the value ring tip.
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