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Headphone Boombox project (suggestions/warnings?)

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by homemadefrog, May 11, 2012.

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  1. homemadefrog


    Sep 15, 2011
    Hello, novice electronics builder here, who has taken my rudimentary electronics understanding, lifetime of experience tinkering with gadgets, and then a whole lot of help from forums like this one to put together the parts and electronics schematic that I am now confident will do the job.

    The idea is to have a headphone set that when the speakers are turned away from the head an internal amplifier will allow the set to blast the music out like a boombox, turning picnics into dance-parties. Yes the first thing that worries everyone is the fear that I will blow my ears, which is why I designed the 2 position rotary switch in the headphones themselves, only allowing the powered line to connect with the speaker when they are turned out. Second people will probably like to mention that this project is huge, cumbersome, insane, and which I have no acceptable answer other than..."rock and roll"

    The speakers are 4" car stereo speakers and just happened to fit in the shell of an old set of military headphones. The amp is a sure 2x25W amp. The power supply is 6 3.7V 3100mA li-ion rechargeable batteries totaling an avg of 22v and 3 amps. The setup on full power is unbelievably loud, exactly what I wanted. The only initial issue was that without any chamber for the speakers they lack any bass, and in fact have an almost painfully high treble. Since I couldn't really do anything about a chamber, I have added the little capacitor based treble filter with adjustable selector switch and it seems to work perfectly. Thanks to Steve in this forum I have been able to also ad the LED battery level indicator to let me know the batteries are below 20V rather than just waiting till the sound cuts out.

    This is the first schematic I've ever done so please excuse the ridiculousness.



    I'm not looking for some professional engineering review, just thoughts, ideas, and or any major issues you can catch before I stumble into them when its too late.

    Thanks a million!
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