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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Humbled Survivor, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. My cable tv company switched the signal to HDTV, so naturally my tube TV
    doesn't pick up the signal. All I get is fuzz.

    I have found not one converter that switches HDTV back down to analog. All
    the ones on the market are for antennas only. They try to dupe you that it
    converts a coaxial cable HDTV signal from the cable company to analog, but
    none of them do that.

    It's like taking an upgrade from the past and downgrading it to the past
    again. Nobody is making such junk. Prove me wrong, but I have found

    The only solution I have in sight is to buy an HD TV for hundreds of

    I've been checkmated.
  2. Per Humbled Survivor:
    If you don't need a huge screen, think more like $130-$200 for something
    in the twenties size-wise.... at least that's what I saw today at HH

    OTOH, I wonder if the cable supplier has done something proprietary to
    the signal and you would need some sort of box (which might make the
    converter work) even for a new TV...
  3. When Canada went to DTV in September 2 years ago, I did put off dealing
    with it until the May of that year. We didn't get the free converter deal
    that the US got, and initially the flyers were showing $80 coverters.

    And at that point I decided I might as well spend $120 more and get an
    actual HDTV set. I got the better definition, I got an LCD set (so much
    smaller, and less heat it seems), I got closed captions (I was using a
    Commodore monitor with a VCR for reception for about 15 years, before that
    a TV set too old to do captions), and some other new and neat things. It
    was also the first new tv set I'd gotten since 1982. SO the money wasnt'
    that bad, and I would have had to spend just under half for a converter.

    Sometimes change is good, you'll actually get better definition, rather
    than the new transmission on an old tv set.

    Mytv set runs Linux, my old tv set didn't even have a computer. And that
    blu-ray player that I found in the garbage on July 1st is working fine,
    and it too runs Linux.

  4. You can buy a converter. I have an unused Zenith I'd be happy to sell.
  5. Whoops. I posted without reading carefully. I thought the OP said broadcast.

    The cable company's conversion is to digital, not HD. As someone else pointed
    out, Comcast provides a free converter that feeds channel 3 or 4 on an analog
    set. (It has no baseband output.)
  6. I looked around and determined this is what I should get:

    Thank all of you for your feedback.
  7. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    Comcast has eliminated clear QAM from their cable service here. Legally, they no
    longer have to offer even local channels unencripted.

    The OP needs the free box from his cable company to see the signals on his
    analog TV. HE does not want an HDTV box. A DTA would get him the basic channels.

    DTV converters are usually just for over the air TV. They cannon decode cable
  8. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    You can try that, but it may not work. Your best bet is to get a box from your
    cable company. Unless that box includes the capability to accept a cablecard
    provided by your cable company, it may not work at all, and if it does, that
    could end tomorrow when the cable company eliminates clear QAM signals.

    IF you are not a real cable customer, your prospects are limited.
  9. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    It still may not work with cable without a cable company provided settop box.
  10. I don't have Comcast, Verizon or any of the big places. My cable company is
    a one-man show out of Bellaire, Ohio called Bellaire Television Cable Co.
    Inc. I called in and they said try back in a week as they are testing units
    to see which worked. Depending on the cost I may rent/buy one, or just get
    a new flat screen with a QAM tuner built into it. I don't watch much TV
    anyway. I just use cable broadband from him, which I can't get unless I
    have TV too. But if I get TV and am paying for it, I'd like to have TV to
    watch an occasional show. Do you get what I'm saying?
  11. Per Humbled Survivor:
    This might be a long shot, but it might be worth checking into how many
    OTA stations you have access to.

    We are in a built-up area, have a rooftop antenna and; personally, I
    have yet to see a reason to spend money on cable.

    There's a little more to it than I'm saying.... but I'd still check what
    local OTA stations are available. NB that with digital, rabbit ears
    don't do the job (at least around here) and a rooftop antenna is needed.
  12. He gets high speed internet from the cable company. He has to take cable
    tbv along with it. Hence he might as well watch tv, and that's where the
    issue of being compatible with the digital signal from the cable company
    comes in.

    If he relied on over the air, then he'd not need cable, but he'd lose his
    internet connection.

  13. Per Michael Black:
    I didn't think of that.

    For me, cable and internet are unbundled. I just pay $40 per month
    for the internet access.

    As a side benefit, every few months a nice young person comes to the
    door to call my attention that fact that we are apparently the only
    household for many miles that don't have cable and wouldn't we like to
    join the 21st century....
  14. Per dave:
    Audio-visual Luddite that I am, when I think "cable" it includes all of
    the above.
  15. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    dave har bragt dette til verden:
    Perhaps they have a deal with NSA?
    The cable company provides NSA with access to your internet usage, and
    NSA gives the cable company surveillance photos to scout for sattelite
  16. mike

    mike Guest

    I find all this amusing...
    Didn't anybody else read "1984"?
    Big brother IS watching you.
    Get over it.
  17. mike

    mike Guest

    How did you come up with that leap??

    People who don't do things that are illegal, immoral, antisocial...
    Are not as bothered by it as you are.

    Don't like it? Vote for someone who will change it.
    Life is not nearly as black-and-white as you seem to wish.
  18. Phoena

    Phoena Guest

    Did you pay your bill?

    I don't think they would just shut NTSC off all of the sudden without
    sending you an email or snail mail letter which would go something like

    Dear Cable T.V. Customer

    We wish to inform you that on June 13, 2013, NTSC channels will be

    If you are one of the 5 people left in this world that still use an NTSC
    television and wish to continue viewing Progressive Car Insurance
    Commercials and "How I Met Your Mother" reruns, then you will need to
    rent a set top box for an additional fee of $4.95 per month. Remote
    controls for are also available for an additional $2.95 per month.

    We regret any inconvenience this may of cause you, but shutting down
    analog NTSC will be profitable for us in the long run. We're hoping in
    the future that the bandwidth now available will allow us to increase
    your Internet speed, and charge you more for access. We will be offering
    more landlines, which nobody uses anymore and offer even more TV viewing
    choices such as On-Demand, where you can watch movies all you want for
    24 hours at a cost which is a only a few bucks less that purchasing the
    DVD or Blu-Ray and owning it forever. Additionally look for even more
    channels which will be on their own tier, adding yet another monthly
    charge to your already expensive bill. These channels offer you the
    latest in Cell Phone commercials and sports you don't care about and old
    reruns of shows you got sick of in 1990.

    We thank you for being a loyal cable subscriber and we look forward to
    you and your family going without groceries for 2 weeks so we can get
    richer than we already are.

    Sincerely Yours,

    The CableCo.
  19. Phoena

    Phoena Guest

    Yeah, and you've done an adequate job of proving you are a Jew.
  20. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    So how is this meaningful? In the civilized parts of the world it is a
    legally enforced as being irrelevant.

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