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HDTV lost

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by chas, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. chas

    chas Guest

    My Polaroid 32" LCD works fine, excepting the HDMI part.
    I really miss this machine as it had many imput and outputs.
    Would a replacement 'T-con drive board' most likely remedy my loss of HDTV?
  2. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    Hard to say from here. I wouldn't go replacing boards without checking
    many other things.
    Did you do a factory reset?

  3. Guest

    From anything that I have read, Polaroid is not a particularly good product. Samsung,in my experience, would be a better purchase. And these "ports/plugs" are inputs (in/out)!
  4. chas

    chas Guest

    I have been very impressed with the Sony products I have
    obtained...both new and off eBay. But for some reason when all the Brands
    are lined up in WalMart one can see a distinct difference. And some of the
    'name' Brands are not the best. That was why I chose the 'P' years ago.
    My 33" Polaroid is quite old and I am supprised it lasted that long.
    I had no picture problems like lost pixels, dark spots, ect. That Polaroid
    weights twice and much as my 32" Emerson (which doesn't have a high consumer
    I couldn't see behind the TV's on display in WalMart a few days ago
    but it seems multiple outputs are becoming rare. I tried to take the back
    off the Polaroid and couldn't. There must be some catchs one has to
    release. I would love to see where the 'T-Con drive board' is, and if it
    would be a bitch to replace.
    .. ..There are tons of COMPOSITE, SGA, SGVA, Video to HDMI 'Converters', but
    I only saw one Converter on eBay that went HDMI to Composite. There were a
    couple on Amazon. . . .thanks for the reply.. .. chas
  5. Considering Polaroid is known for cameras where the film is instantly
    developed, you have to suspect the name on something that is unrelated,
    like a TV set.

    Either they've rented out their name, or have just picked some generic tv
    and put their brand on it. Not a new thing, but not the same thing as
    some might think it means, engineers toiling in the Polaroid labs to
    design an especially good tv set.

  6. Guest

    Exactly, Polaroid, like GE, B&D, Westinghouse, and a thousand other
    companies have sold their name for certain product lines. They have
    nothing to do with the parent company other than the logo.
  7. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Even Bell & Howell !
  8. Guest

    Sure, the real B&H went under eons ago. The only thing left is a
    holding company pimping the name.
  9. Google "tom petters polaroid" to get the story of what happened to
    Polaroid. Basically Tom Petters (now residing in Leavenworth for the
    next 50 years) purchased the name to put a respectable face on his ponzi
  10. T

    T Guest

    Or Packard Bell - I recall a 1960's vintage micro computer with mercury
    delay lines. It was a PB-250.
  11. T

    T Guest

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