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HDTV dilema

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    We live in Southern NH about 60 miles from Boston. I have two antennas.
    The VHF unit is Winegards largest and the UHf is a high gain Yagi. Both
    antennas are combined at the pole and they are tied into a Winegard
    commercial mast mounted preamp. Its noise figure on UHF is well below
    Our VHF reception out of Boston is very good. In fact at times we can
    watch Providence RI as well as New Bedford Mass. Through the warmer
    months our UHF reception is poor to non existent. In the Fall it starts
    to improve as the many deciduous trees between us and the transmitters
    lose their leaves. However many higher UHF stations could be described
    as watching a polar bear in a snow storm. Sometimes the signal varies
    enough to trigger video mute on some of our sets. It is very
    inconsistent. I know that HDTV on UHF is around the corner and that it
    is supposed to replace all our UHF stations. I can live with the snow
    but is it a fact that with a digital transmission you'll either have a
    good one or none at all? Will that mean that people like me in outer
    fringe areas will be screwed? Do they just figure that everyone's on
    cable anyway and to hell with a few off air viewers?
    My next question has to do with all my existing equipment. I'll
    probably need a tower of some sort for my antennas but first let me say
    that I could care less about buying into the whole digital thing. I'm
    happy with NTSC quality and I would have no problem staying with it.
    Whats the lowdown on any digital to NTSC converters that I have heard
    will be made available? Are they available or going to be available and
    what will their cost be? Is this a possible home brew project? I
    realise that I would need one for every location in my home. I refuse
    to pay for cable or satellite. Or should I just forget about TV and
    commit to do more reading in the future? Thanks for any advice. Lenny
    Stein, Barlen Electronics.
  2. NSM

    NSM Guest

    ISTR that in the early days of TV there were many ingenious ways that people
    got signals into town, most involving a mast on a hill and a means to get
    the signal down to the set. If you can find old copies of Radio Electronics
    magazine you might find some ideas.

  3. Guest

    Man you got the life, got PCs running DOS and got problems getting TV
    reception, can I raise my kids at your house ?

    If I can I'd consider having some.

    I don't know what your news sources are, but the major conglomerated
    ones want a monopoly, not on the airwaves, but on all airwaves. Any
    comment that could be communicated to the public goes through them.

    I got a buddy who is a Polish immigrant, and he was the mastermind of
    Radio Solidarity in Poland. They didn't have cable there. If they did
    it would never have worked.

    The whole idea of making communication complex is for control and
    monitoring. This is how our govt. is, and how most of them are today.

    If you knew what was actually done with your tax dollars you would stop
    paying. If you setup a small radio station they will send the FCC SWAT
    team. No shit, the FCC has a SWAT team and all kinds of weapons. You
    see this way the local law needs not be involved, less publicity. The
    major media outlets know the power they wield and are not going to give
    it up, and have lobbied extensively to that end.

    The media control in this country sickens me, and've heard from people
    in other countries things I thought not possible, yet were proved.

    The whole idea of movies is control, you control the public opinion,
    before that the established media forces had control over what books
    were published, back when people used to read them.
    Stories teach, but WHAT do they teach ?

    When there is no more NTSC TV transmitted I'll fix up my VCRs and that
    will be that.

  4. NSM

    NSM Guest


    That's nothing. Go see what the disgusting ATF (the same agency behind the
    botched raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco) did to David Hudak.

    is a good summary. Bastards.

    has more.

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