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hdd problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by djino, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. djino

    djino Guest

    I have one Maxtor slim (one plate) disk.The size is 40 GB.He become unstable
    I lose my all my data.Bios see the disk just fine.But any system(windows or
    do not see him.I try to repair it from dos with
    pqmagic,fdisk/mbr,Unix fips etc.But the error is still there.Neither one OS
    ( windows or Unix-linux,Free Bsd,Suse) can see the disk.After i realise that
    the electornic part are OK I decide to open itand reverse the plate
    I Heard that when they assembling HARD DISK's in factories they
    use Procedure for creating null or boot sector.They conect the power (12 V)
    on some pins on HDD .When the power is on the chip on hdd write
    sector on the disc plate.In this sector we can create boot
    sector.Considering i reverse
    the plate in the disc. I wonder is there somebody who know anyhow to do
    this.Or is
    there any plan or diagram or something similarly that can create that null
    (boot) sector.
    If somebody have any information about this topic or URL,forum i will be

    Please e-mail me at
    Thanks in Advance
  2. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    I found ancient runes from djino[] in the floor of
    Did you open the HD in a 100% clean room? If not, you're probably out of luck.
    You've killed the HD by letting any dust in.
  3. <snip>

    Unless you opened that drive in a Class 100 or better positive-
    pressure clean room, taking all appropriate anti-static precautions and
    wearing clean room clothing, you have utterly destroyed any chance of
    recovering data from it, outside of the (very slim) possibility of a
    professional data recovery service that -might- be able to do something
    with it. If, that is, you can afford a four-figure price tag.
    You heard wrong. Disk platters are initialized using a device
    called a ServoWriter. This is a piece of specialized manufacturing
    equipment, about the size of a large office desk, that carries a six-
    figure price tag and requires that same clean room environment I
    mentioned earlier for operation.

    Hard disk drive chambers are sealed for good reason. If you value
    your data, don't ever try to second-guess a disk manufacturer unless
    you've got a factory lab full of the appropriate equipment to play with.

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