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HD STB's getting hard to find?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by David L. Jones, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Went shopping for a HD set top box the other day at the usual places
    (Hardly Normal, JB's, GoodGuys), and basically found nothing. Oodles
    of PVR's (SD and HD), and a few of the usual el-cheapo SD STB's, but
    practically no HD STB's on the shelves. When quized, the sales drones
    said there is little demand for them, so they rarely stock them any
    Had my eye on getting a decent unit, possibly the Topfield TF7000HT,
    but can't even find a cheapie on the shelves. A visit to the Topfield
    site shows they don't even make STB's any more, just PVR's.

    What's the deal? Why have HD STB's all but vanished?

    Most HD TV's these days have a HD tuner built in, so the "HD ready" TV
    market has all but vanished. But surely there are a glut of "HD ready"
    analog (or SD) tuner TV's out there that will still need HD STB's? I
    wouldn't have expected HD STB's to vanish so soon.

  2. Derek

    Derek Guest

    What's the deal? Why have HD STB's all but vanished?
    I got one at the supermarket on Sunday. (Coles Maroochydore. $79)
    Plenty of others about here at most of the electrical outlets, from $99 to
    several hundred.
    One of these DSE stores with stock may suit you:
    If you want a dear one go to a store that specialises in "home theatre".
  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** ROTFL !!

    ........ Phil
  4. David

    David Guest

    The Topfield website still shows the TF400T and TF7000HT as available.
    You may have gone to the website of the old distributer.

  5. None at the three stores near me I mentioned though.
    Oh, one left at a store near me.
    Any good I wonder?...
    Not a particularly raving review here:;2136212607;pid;2356;pt;1

    Can't believe it's got what looks to be like a real mechanical on/off
    power switch on the back panel! Haven't seen one of those in years...
    I want one that works well, and I don't mind buying a cheapie if it
    does in fact work well.
    I've got a cheap DigiCrystal HD box and it's annoyingly slow to switch
    channels, takes ages to switch on, and has a few other annoying
    aspects. It's ok for use on the 2nd set, but I'd like to avoid
    repeating that again.
    BTW, my cheap DigiCrystal SD PVR is really nice and I have no issues
    with that one.

  6. I went into my local DSE that was supposed to have that one, and other
    cheap HD STB's as well (DSE branded etc). ZIP!, not a single HD STB in
    stock. The stock numbers are a fib.
    They will be getting a TEAC unit in next week, but it's $186.
    So that's not a single HD STB available at any of my local HV, JB, GG,
    or DSE stores. Crazy.

    Looks like Altronics of all places have the Topfield for $259

  8. Bob Bain

    Bob Bain Guest

    If there's a demand and people are buying them then the stores will
    run out of stock and you'll have problems finding a popular product on
    the shelves.

    If they are imported from overseas and the number of sales has been
    underestimated then it will require shipments from overseas countries.

    Stong demand = lack of stock !

    (not necessarily the case but a plausible explanation).

    It could also be regional. I know without a doubt that in Western
    Sydney there is no shortage of HD set top boxes.
  9. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    And NO demand = lack of stock too.
    I think the commercial channels decision to screen some shows on HD only
    should increase the demand for low cost HD STB's though.

  10. Well, in the Castle Hill and Warringah Mall areas of Sydney there is
    Several sales people have told me there is not much demand for HD
    STB's which is why they hardly stock them any more. But one said when
    they do get in what little bit of stock they happen to get, they go
    pretty quickly. So it appears to be a combination of causes at play

    If there really is little demand, the most sensible explanation is
    probably that people don't want to spend too much money to "go
    digital" and would rather buy a $35-$100 SD box rather than a $100-
    $300 HD box.

  11. Andy Wood

    Andy Wood Guest

    .. . .
    Perhaps it is a case of "the flies can't tell the difference" and so
    are not prepared to pay any more.
    Andy Wood
  12. Greg

    Greg Guest

    All HD set top boxes have composite video out anyway, so you can view both
    the SD and exclusive HD channel content on an old standard SD Television. I
    don't see any point these days buying a SD decoder. Unless its less than
    $50. When you can pickup a HD set top box these days from $79.
  13. Fonz

    Fonz Guest

    Just been to Strathfield car radios.
    They have a HD stb for $149-00.
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