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HD-DVD key cracked.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 2, 2007.

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  1. Guest

  2. Andy

    Andy Guest

    HD-DVD key has been cracked. Get the hex here:

    You'll probably need some epoxy and some good clamps to fix that
    crack. Or maybe JB-weld. But if it regularly stands up to a lot of
    torque, you'll probably want to get a new one. DAGS.
    And I don't need any new hexes - if I needed a hexagon, I'd probably
    set my bandsaw table or miter guage to 30* and cut the piece upside
    down to get the 60* angle, since I don't have a miter saw or table
    saw. A shooting board with my low-angle block plane would make it
    nice and smooth.
    Sorry to hear about your key,
  3. fish.

    fish. Guest

    And I've never seen such a pack of dopey retards crapping on about stuff
    they know **** all about.

    If you had any fucking clue what to do with it, you'd realise that
    BackupHDVD was using it so long ago that it's already been revoked.
  4. imorf

    imorf Guest

    If I was digg, I'd have put up a content warning then permanently banned
    every account that posted a story deliberately about it.
  5. What point is that when people can sign up again under a different name?

    Digg needs its users to survive. The users can desert them for any number of
    similar news sites that would be more than happy to accept them. And the users
    made that point very effectively, yesterday.
  6. imorf

    imorf Guest

    Any respectable forum should make an account mandatory for posting
    *and* make the applicant wait 24 hours to receive the password. Kind of
    like gun purchase cooling off period ( does this). This helps to
    reduce the number of l33t haxxors/wankers/spammers that just want to
    quickly sign up for a spray job. Digg must have sufficient numbers of
    genuine non warez-fanbois to get by without these freeloading jackoffs
    whose fight is with RIAA/DMCA/whoever but fail to understand digg not
    only has to please its sponsors but also toe the law.
  7. If it's so useless, then why is the group responsible for designing
    the content "protection" keys getting all hyper about issuing DMCA-based
    takedown notices to everyone under the sun?

    I would also point out that it has spread like wildfire on the 'net
    itself, in one of the most magnificent cases of electronic civil
    disobedience since DeCSS. Any wagers as to how long it'll be before the
    T-shirts appear? ;-)

    Keep the peace(es).
  8. Oooooh...looks like we have a genius in the room. I'm SOOO impressed!
  9. fish.

    fish. Guest

    My aim is to impress fuckwit nobody's.
  10. pokhara

    pokhara Guest

    And that works really well as we have just witnessed,
  11. Say What?

    Say What? Guest

    And an admirable job of it you've done, fish. You DO know that there
    are both good and bad impressions, do you not?
  12. fish.

    fish. Guest

    yes, these posts weigh heavily on my mind; will some dickless idiot like
    my post, will some crossposting moron try and insult me. I sometimes
    lose sleep.

    Luckily I have people like yourself to bring me to task.
  13. imorf

    imorf Guest

    what are you referring to?
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