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Have you ever heard the sound of a...???

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by pyro, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. pyro

    pyro Guest

    Have you ever heard the sound of a thief... BEFORE HE ENTERS YOUR
    PREMISES??? WE DO ALL THE TIME! Click here to listen

    Let's face facts... once they are in your facility... it all over! By the
    time the police arrive it's usually too late.

    The key to saving your valuable possessions it to catch them BEFORE THEY GET

    In order to get the jump on the "Bad Guys" you have to give the "Good Guys"
    (Police) an edge.

    98% of Alarm Calls are FALSE ALARMS.

    Your local police are painfully aware of this statistic.

    Given human nature this adversely effects their response time to your
    facility / premises!

    Sonitrol's Verified Audio Detection System gives your local police the
    assurance that you facility / premises is in jeopardy.

    Sonitrol's clients receive the fastest possible response time from their
    local police departments!

    Contact me today!

    Russell S. Goldberg
    Security Consultant
  2. Have you ever heard the sound of a thief...
    The implication above is that Sonitrash can hear the thief before he breaks
    in. That is a patently false statement. Sonitrash's system is able to play
    back a few seconds of audio which *occurred* before the break-in. They
    don't actually hear anything until *after* the alarm is triggered -- just
    like almost every other monitored alarm system in common use today.

    The difference is Sonitrash uses cheap electret microphones connected to the
    alarm dialer. Once the alarm is transmitted in the same manner and with the
    exact same delay as other alarms, the Sonitrash phone clerk listens to audio
    from these microphones played over an inexpensive 3" speaker above the PC
    screen. The Sonitrash phone clerk then listens and makes a subjective
    decision as to whether to dispatch anyone. The sad fact of the matter is
    that they often miss actual break-ins because the clerks can't tell the
    difference between a neighbor's TV set and a thief in the protected
    Indeed, let uis face facts:
    Fact 1- Sonitrash alarms are not faster than any other alarm. The reality
    is they are significantly slower and more prone to failure because a phone
    clerk has to listen to audio *after* receiving the digital alarm signal.
    With a conventional alarm the police can be dispatched much more rapidly.
    Unfortunately, the Sonitrash system is completely incapable of doing that
    unless the thief takes several minutes to kick in the door. Most of the
    time the thief is in and out before the Sonitrash operator even calls the
    police. Too many times the clerks mistake actual break-ins for
    environmental noise, allowing the thief to come and go at will.
    I have a number of friends who are police officers. To a man they say that
    Sonitrash is among the worst when it comes to false alarms. Hartford, CT
    police officers joke about "impact noises," the standard Sonitrash
    explanation for more than 98% of the alarms they do call in.
    Interestingly, several large departments that have been clamoring for
    "verified response" have specifically excluded Sonitrash. For some reason
    they seem to believe that Sonitrash alarms are totally unreliable.
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