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Have I blown a PIC pin?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Danny T, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    I've just moved a circuit from one breadboard to another - almost

    Now, it seems of my 4 output pins - when "low", they all output 0 to
    -0.4 V, except one, that's outputting 0.14V as a "low".

    Does this suggest the pin is damaged? How could this happen? The only
    thing ever connected to it was the GATE lead of a MOSFET :(
  2. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    It's weirder than that... I've taken everything out, so it's just the
    power, pic and an led on *another* output pin. It flickers on and off
    quite quickly, when it's supposed to be on for about a second. I put the
    PIC back in my programming board and set it to "run" mode, and it works
    fine there :-\
  3. Danny T

    Danny T Guest


    In my diagram, I'd put MCLR next to Vdd, but in actual fact, it's not -
    so my pin was sat in reset, hence the weird happenings, but fine working
    in my programmer!!

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