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Has anybody here used Commercial Lighting 14w spiral lamps before?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Michael Shaffer, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. Hi, I was looking for a lightbulb and all I could find were these 14w
    spiral lamps that we've had laying around forever. I tried them and they
    look great! They don't flicker like our other older flourescents and
    they seem whiter.

    I also tried some Ikea 11W ones that we had but the color isn't quite as
    white. Does anybody here know what the CRI or color value is for the
    Commercial Lighting 14w spiral lamps is?

  2. Sorry, the SKU is 353-374 and Model EDSO-14
  3. 3100K 82 CRI
  4. These sure appear to me to be 2700 K with CRI of 82. Problem is, many
    other compact fluorescents have the same specifications.

    Now for some compact fluorescents that are apparently or obviously
    enough other than 2700 K with CRI of 82:

    1. Some have a different specified color temperature. Look for color
    codes such as /SPX41, /841 or /D841 (for 410K versions) for example.

    2. In recent years, Sylvania appears to favor 3000 K over 2700 K for a
    "usual warm color" compact fluorescent, and I have noticed a trend for
    Sylvanias to be more-pinkish less-yellowish than incandescent.

    3. 2700 K twintube compact fluorescents on magnetic ballasts appear to me
    to have some trend of being more-pink less-yellow than other 2700 K types
    that have electronic ballasts.

    4. "FUL" types, often 12 watt, which normally come in "cool white" (4100
    K with CRI of or close to 62) or "warm white" (3000 K with CRI of or close
    to 53).

    5. Dollar store compact fluorescents are a different animal. I have seen
    11 different models, with only one ("Capitol Electric") having either a
    triphosphor spectrum or a reasonably incandescent-looking color (it has
    both). "Fieldbreeze" models have a purplish sort of "warm white" color
    and a spectrum that appears to me to have a CRI in the 50's or 60's.
    Both of two "Lumilar" models, all five "Telstar" models that I have seen
    (including four that I saw in packages saying "soft warm white light") and
    the one "Volt Power" model that I have have a "daylight" color, and
    usually (not always) a little noticeably more blue than 6500K.
    Oh, and 10 out of 11 dollar store compact fluorescents appear to me to
    have light output in or close to the 325-400 lumen range, regardless of
    claims ranging from 60 to 125 watts "incandescent replacement" and one of
    these with an actual lumen claim (550 lumens). The one not in/near this
    range was lower, looking like about 250 lumens to me.

    - Don Klipstein (,
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