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Harman Kardan AVR1700 Rcvr BCO update

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by root, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. root

    root Guest

    A friend has an AVR1700 receiver which displays a
    BCO Update message
    and locks up. A google search reveals this problem
    has affected others, but no solution other than returning
    the unit for service has emerged.

    Does anyone here know what BCO update means? Anyone
    know of a fix?

    We have tried just waiting it out, no good after several
    days. One person suggested repeatedly turning it on and
    off: again no solution.

    There is nothing in the user manual about this problem.

    Any help?

  2. root

    root Guest

    Thanks. I tried to find any mention of the problem on the HK site and
    I didn't find this. I also called but couldn't get to a person and
    they haven't returned my call.

    I will tell my friend to try what you have found.

  3. I see an AWFUL LOT of these being sold "as-is" and for "parts-repair" on

    Must be a pretty crappy model.

    Mark Z.
  4. root

    root Guest

    Question has become academic: my friend returned the Harman Kardon and
    bought a Denon at twice the price.
  5. root

    root Guest

    In my searches for a fix I too saw that model for sale in the
    same condition. There is something pretty fishy about it:
    Best Buy took the unit back without question after my friend
    had used it for 6 months. It must be an arrangement between
    BestBuy and Harman Kardon. I still don't know what BCO stands
  6. Guest

    For anyone who has found this thread because their AVR 1700 is stuck in BCOUpdate mode, I wanted to post a the solution that worked for me this morning:

    Connect your AVR 1700 to your home network. For me, this meant temporarily moving my cable modem and wireless router into the living room and connecting the receiver to my router with an ethernet cable.

    Using your computer, determine the IP address of the AVR 1700 on your localnetwork. You can do this by logging into your wireless router's web interface, or by using a utility like this one: http://www.nirsoft.n...rk_watcher..html

    Type the IP address of your AVR 1700 into a web browser on your computer (it should like this:, with the last three digits based on yourindividual network). If done correctly, you will be looking at the Harman Kardon web interface for the receiver.

    Click the Choose File button and choose any random file on your computer. Ipicked a small txt file. Now click the Upload button. Dont' worry about what file you choose. The operation will fail, but you will have jolted the receiver out of update mode.

    You're done. BCO Update message should disappear, and life is good again!

    I hope this helps!
  7. Guest

  8. Guest

    Thank you so much for this solution! This worked perfectly and I actually had to do it a couple of times while I was setting it up so I know it will work every time. Thank you for letting me avoid sending this back for a new one.
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