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Harddisk to CF-Slot

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ingo Bormuth, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. Ingo Bormuth

    Ingo Bormuth Guest

    I wonder weather it would be possible to connect
    a 2.5" notebook harddisk drive via cf-card adapter
    to my zaurus PDA.

    I know there are many adapters doing the opposite thing.

    The mayor problem could be power consumption.
    The hard disk needs 5 Volts power at about 2 Watts
    (startup peak 5 Volts).
    But several mobile mp3 players use standart notebook
    harddisks powered by normal AA Batteries.

    Did anybody hear about such an adapter ... ?

    - Ingo
  2. Me too, please.

    Or alternatively, an adapter to connect an external 3.5" hard drive to a
    fixed laptop which also takes external power of the 3.5" drive into
  3. From a large hard drive


    How about a PCMCIA<->IDE adapter. Here are some links:

    The definitive site:

    One that you can buy:

    Another product:

    One more:

    This one even is ipaq tested!

    Or better yet, you can run a compactflash card in TrueIDE mode and pass the
    signals on to a real IDE drive. Shouldn't we just be able to wire the
    50-pin compactflash to a 44-pin 2.5" laptop IDE HDD? Yes, you'd need some
    way to power the drive by itself (up to .5A probably, as that's what the
    microdrive wants). Here are some links:


    CF<->IDE pinouts:

    Sycard's extender cable:

    Some interesting links here:

    From the wearables archive:
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