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Hard to find Globe

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by What The, May 21, 2008.

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  1. What The

    What The Guest

    I have a small dash globe (or a group as i want to replace them all at once)
    that i'm having trouble locating in the right wattage to properly illuminate
    my dials.

    They are made by Toshiba, ~6mm diameter capsule, wedge base with a 1A/3watt
    power rating.

    Its 6mm all the way up, *not* larger (~15mm) around the filament like most
    of the globes of a higher wattage i've found. A local globe shop at north
    parramatta has got the right size, but only in 1.75W and at maximum
    brightness i don't feel they're good enough.

    Any hints where i might be able to find something to replace my existing

    (P.S Nissan wants $47 each (!!!!!!) for them, not too keen on that price)

  2. What The

    What The Guest

    Looking closer the diameter may even be as small as 5mm, the batter is dead
    in my vernier calipers...
  3. I would be thinking of hi intensity LED's which would be long lasting
    and much cheaper than "genuine" !!

    Cheers .............. Rheilly P
  4. Den

    Den Guest

    These guys have always been able to help me:
  5. What The

    What The Guest

    Thanks for the suggestion Rheilly.

    The trouble with LED's is their "beam". No matter if theyre and inverted
    cone diffused type, there is ALWAYS a hot spot and often they don't
    illuminate the needles clearly. I was trying to stay away from an LED
    conversion on my dash, to do it right, i'd have to dismantle the cluster.
  6. Yeah, you're right.
    I was thinking of the 'idiot lights; :)
    Rheilly P
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