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Hard drive problem/crash

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ian, Jan 20, 2004.

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  1. Ian

    Ian Guest

    I have a Compaq 5447. I fire it up and get the Compaq logo. Then
    four lines about the monitor card. Then I sit watching the flashing
    cursor in the corner.

    I've tried the system backup disk I made six months ago; but nothing
    was on the disk; (right, my fault, I didn't check the disk after
    making the system backup).

    Also, I put the all-gone-revert-back-to-day-one CD in the drive. Even
    though the light comes on in the cd drive (as well as a:/) it's not
    reading the CD itself.

    Is there a command file I can download that'll kick the drive beyond
    the flashing cursor?

    If the drive truely all-gone, wouldn't the Compaq logo NOT come up?

    Appreciate anyone's help.

    Quesnel BC
  2. The Compaq logo is in system Bios, not the HD boot sequence. Make a
    bootup floppy disc on another computer running Win95/98, or XP, boot
    the laptop with that then see if you can read C: drive and that the
    windows installation looks ok. If you can't see C: drive at all then
    the bios has to be set.

    . Steve ..
  3. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Thanks for your input. I went through the BIOS and reverted to the
    early settings; I'm back in the lop again.
    I very much appreciate your help.
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