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Hard Drive Diagnostics

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mobile, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. mobile

    mobile Guest

    I have a few HDs that don't seem to power up. I see where people on this
    board are swapping out controller boards, and chips on the board.

    at the risk of sounding like the village idiot, how are you troubleshooting
    the bad boards or the drive in general. do I need a multitude of $$$$ test
    equipment or ? any help would be appreciated.

  2. Ken

    Ken Guest

    By "Not powering up" do you mean not spinning? If the drive is not
    spinning with just power applied it could be two things assuming that
    power is reaching the HD. First old drives sometimes fail to start due
    to the heads sticking to the disks. Tapping the drive against the palm
    of your hand while power is applied will sometimes free them. It is a
    temporary fix however and the data should be copied if it is needed.

    The second most likely fault is a bad logic board. Although it is
    possible that the motor is faulty, it is rare. Swapping out a logic
    board is a fix for a faulty board, but you need to find one just like
    the old one. Sometimes it requires the same ROM series rather than just
    the model number of the HD. For what it is worth, many times the fault
    on the PWBs are open chokes. If you find one it is easy to replace it
    with one from a scrap PWB.

    As for test equipment, I would think that a good DVM would be the only
    tool required for trouble shooting the PWBs. It is alway nice to have
    more equipment, but since many ICs are custom made, it is highly
    unlikely that a replacement is readily available. At least that has
    been my experience.
  3. Not what you asked for but
  4. mobile

    mobile Guest

    thank you for your suggestions,
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