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Hard Audio Compression

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Sep 7, 2013.

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    I don't want to restart a discussion on the commercials being louder than the show, it's all been done. They are upcompressed so even if they aren't they seem like it.

    I am tired of fantastic dynamic range. My hearing is a bit off finally and I don't even want decent dynamic range. You could almost say I want NO dynamic range. I know there is such a feature on alot of TVs now but I don't have a TV. I watch whatever I watch on the internet. The sound goes from the computer to a stereo amp.

    It's not just the middle of the night trying to hear whispers and then having something blow up, it's just normal dialogue.

    I want it so hard upcompressed it brings up the noise. Really, I will put up with it. If you remember how old movies used to sound, when the film wentreal quiet and you heard the ALC bring up the noise ? Well I want it like that but with a much faster time constant. Much faster.

    Does such a unit exist or will I have to build one ? I am not above that you know, but if I do I might want to knock heads with those around here familiar with audio, I might need at least two bands, and I think there should be a user settable limit so it doesn't really get too out of hand.

    The laptop I'm on right now has a compressor to keep the amp from clipping into the eentsy yittle speakers but all it does is to make music sound likeshit. Really, like an AM radio. It really doesn't do what I want, but it'scloser than alot of things I heard.

    If there is a program that can do this in software that would suit me as well.

    If I have to build it I think I got a pair of old ECG 829 which are MC 3340.. I am not that concerned with quality, don't need a delta gain stage, justthe right equalization and limits etc. When I want quality I will bypass the thing.

    I know the MC3340 is not quite esoteric hifi to say the least, but the application I was going to use it for was a dynamic power limiter, or anti-clipcircuit in an audio amp where the design would have it out of circuit wheninactive so its distortion would only be there when the amp would have been clipping anyway. It was going to partially bypass the main negative feedback but only when a comparator sensed major differences in the input and output. Of course that feature was never installed which is why I still have the ICs after 20+ years.

    Anyhoo, something off the shelf or even downloadable would be fine. If I have to build something I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.
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    Nice program there but will it run in Windows ? I have not yet graduated toLinux. Also I was thinking that my Mother for example could use something like this and she has a conventional TV. (CRT and all for now) I'll have to look at the sheet on that chip.

    You know if I could make the effect of this thing not too offensive there could be a smalll market for it. Not huge, but somewhat a market. I'm sure not to sell many to folks with a $50,000 home theater in a custom built room, but plenty of people might just like something like this.

    Low tech folks, you know - who still have a cable box. Unfortunately I don't see all that many TVs with a loop out/in these days like some bigscreens etc. used to have. Maybe I could make a few bucks installing such jacks on TVs.

    If that proves impossible then plenty of people are getting those surround amps now so it could ho between the TV and that.
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