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HANSORI: USB<->Parallel or Parallel 18 <->25 pin, howto?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by LDS23, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. LDS23

    LDS23 Guest

    Perhaps not the best place to post it but I'm quite desperate...

    I've got mp3 player (Hansori HAN14XS) with strange interface. 18-pin
    slot, about 1x10mm (I've got photo of it). Originally that would be
    connected to either USB or 25pin centronics (such cables were supplied
    by producer). Unfortunately cables got lost, and my mails about
    possibility of buying a replacement are consistently ignored, well...
    Anyway I came to conclusion that it's gonna be much easier to make the
    cable but I cannot even find an appropriate plug...

    So, i'm looking for:
    - connector type (preferrebly with seller address)
    - interface pinout (on the player)
    - any suggestions on how to make the USB<->parallel cable sefa enough
    not to burn the device


    Best regards
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