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Handle by BRUCE

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by gudule, Jan 20, 2004.

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  1. gudule

    gudule Guest

    I just cant find this manufacturer ?? May be its out of business, or has
    changed name ??
    The BRUCE name is stamped on the side of the rubberized handle.

    This handle is used on a portable SSB HF bush radio made by Spilsbury,
    Model SBX-11A or SBX-11. Racal closed this company 3 years ago

    Anyone knows anything about this BRUCE company ???

    This handle is made of some rubberized plastic.
    Its lenght is 5 1/4 inch.
    It is a lay flat handle, that elevate 1 3/8 inch..
    It has removable metal end cap at each end.
    It has 2 swivel steel wire.
    Each end is riveted with 3 rivests.
    Overall lenght is 7 1/2 inch

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