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Hand soldering Pb-Free RoHS

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Chris Carlen, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Chris Carlen

    Chris Carlen Guest


    I'm shopping for lead-free wire solders again for testing purposes. I
    found Kester 48 in 2005 to be the most easy to use SAC305 wire solder
    for hand-soldering.

    It is also cored with RA, which is somewhat rare in Pb-free wires. Most
    Pb-free wires are being done in no-clean or water-soluble (WS). Kester
    is the only one with an RA SAC305 wire stocked by distributors.

    It would seem WS is not very useful for many hand soldering tasks, since
    you can't always submerge the sort of assemblies that require
    hand-soldering. Picture transformers with solder lugs here.

    The no-cleans are rather meek on wetting action, and only Kester 48
    comes even close to the wetting of a typical SnPb fluxed solder. For
    those of you who haven't tried it, get some Kester 48 to tinker. It's
    great for tinning stranded wires since the SAC305 is less susceptable to
    fatigue than SnPb when tightened in a screw terminal, for instance.

    What are folks using to hand-solder stuff in the RoHS land? How's it going?

    Good day!

    Christopher R. Carlen
    Principal Laser&Electronics Technologist
    Sandia National Laboratories CA USA

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    "BOGUS" from email address to reply.
  2. Chris, I'm using
    1) Stannol HF32, 0.5mm, Sn95.5 Ag3.8 Cu0.7, 3.5% flux
    12) Stannol HF32, 1.0mm, Sn95.5 Ag3.8 Cu0.7, 3.5% flux
    3) Stannol HS10, 1.0mm, Sn95.5 Ag3.8 Cu0.7, 1.5% flux

    and all are reasonable.

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